Two Romanians beaten up in Brighton

Posted On 07 Feb 2013 at 8:13 pm

Two men beat up two Romanian friends in Brighton as the visitors were waiting to catch a bus home after a night out.

Sussex Police said that the Romanians, aged 21 and 27, live in Eastbourne and were waiting at a bus stop by the Royal Pavilion in Old Steine.

The men who attacked them were with two women and asked the Romanians where they were from before punching them.

They chased the victims before punching them again and kicking them.

German Doner Kebab

Sussex Police said that the attack, which happened between 3am and 3.30am on Friday 25 January, was being treated as a racially aggravated assault.

A police spokesman said: “Unfortunately we do not have detailed descriptions of the offenders but both were white.

“One was of slim build, approximately 6ft tall, aged about 21 and wore a grey sports jacket while the second was about 5ft 11in, of medium build and aged about 23.

“They were in the company of two females.

“There is no CCTV footage of the incident and, at this time, no independent witnesses have come forward.

“If anyone has information, or witnessed what happened, then we would ask them to call police as soon as possible.”

Anyone who can help is asked to call Sussex Police on 101 or the independent charity Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555111.


  1. Adrian Reply

    I’m surprised the UK still has some spots which are not under 24/7 CCTV surveillance 🙂 The last brits guy which we met offered us a drink; those two romanians might have had a bad luck.

  2. Ion Reply

    The two romanians should sue the Brittish government for this attack and for that stupid campaign against romanians and bulgarians that put in the mind of brits the idea that romanians and bulgarians are bad.

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  4. Rocky's Dad Reply

    Seems like the the UK govt ad campaign against Romanians is bearing fruit… 🙁

  5. Florea Reply

    In case Romanians citizen were Romanian ethnic , the assault must be named ” xenophobic” ( Romanian ethnic are caucasian.) Racial assault may refer if case of Romanian citizen of gipsy ethnicity

  6. Joe Reply

    Why am I not surprised? After all, the UK government wants this negative campaign to scare them off. I am so disgusted by this country and its belligerent chavs and especially about the fact that the so called “educated” people don’t do s#$t.

  7. Lili Reply

    I think Brighton is the most opened minded place I’ve ever lived so far, with the most nonjudgmental and tolerant people, so it is surprising to see that a racist/xenophobic attack would happen here. But then again, I did see some pretty rude verbal attacks between locals in the same bus stop, which makes me hope that these incidents have nothing to do with the “latest crackpot scheme to curb immigration”, as the rumoured anti RO&BG campaign has been called in the media. I myself appreciated the humour of the British responses in hijacking the campaign.

  8. Revolted Reply

    More or less directly, this is the result of David Cameron’s ‘brilliant’ camapaign that aims to keep Romanians and Bulgarians away from the UK. A campaign full of deformed truths and very dangerous prejudices. Unfortunately, I sense more of the this type of incident happening in the coming months. There is too much hatred against these two nationalities, and, unfortunately, there are many, I mean MANY innocent people already in the UK who suffer because of this process of scapegoating. Educated, hard-working, absolutely decent people making a contribution to the British budget find themselves in a whirl of absurd suspicions and accusations. Many of the Romanians in the UK ARE NOT GYPSIES and have nothing in common with the gypsies’ habits of begging, stealing and unlawfully pursuing aims of draining the UK benefits system. This differentiation should be the alpha and the omega of the information which the British should convey to their citizens. Speak about the two categories as separate categories – a. Romanians and b. gypsies of Romanian nationality. Don’t confuse Romanians who come here to work hard (most of the times in jobs that the British refuse) with gypsies, that most of the times lack the culture of honest working. Don’t mix the two categories, because even in Romania they don’t mix: gypsies refuse to integrate in the mainstream society, refuse education, refuse decency. They are a subculture, a closed subculture, and defining any Romanian citizen by gypsies attributes is not only unfair, but also denotes a lot of ignorance.

    Additionaly, Romanians are easy target in the UK because the Romanian government does not bother themselves to stand for their citizens from diaspora. Not in the same way would be treated by the British authorities the situation of English people prejudiced in Romania. But, to attack the weak one is not necessarily a sign of power. And the way in which they do it, fueled by tons of ignorance, feeds the danger of future attacks and injustices that, later on, will be very difficult to be reversed.

  9. catalin Reply

    Well, I am Romanian too, and I am not surprised about the incident, as it happens quit often. The only reason why we don’t hear about this rasial asaults agains Romanians in UK is because the mass media treats this incidents with no interests, with other words for UK is a second hand news! As well as we Romanians are treated in the UK. So, now people may ask them selfs why the news about this and many other romanians but not only, are relevant and should be taken seriously as they are. It is very simply: The news could be another source of information for many possible eye witnesses as the CCtv didn’t do the job, or as better say they where not present. But the news issue is by far to be the biggest problem. This treatments for our nation is not helping at all and are not helping other inocent English people visiting our Country(Romania). Since 2007 when I arrived in UK, I witnessed many rasism and discrimination again me and other Romanian friends of mine, and I have been warned befor living the natal Country and arriving in UK, but it has been proved over the years that it became more of a dangerous and unsafe place to leave then in many other democratic Countries.
    REMEMBER, THAT THERE IS ALWAYS A REACTION FOR EVERY ACTION! but there is always the wrong people suffering for others stupid raccist actions agains Romanians. Romania is a welcome country for everybody including English citizens but only we can keep it that way. We hummans.

  10. Adrian Reply

    @Catalin: Croatia is a very nice country to live in. You should consider it 😀 The single issue I have with the UK is the weather, it’s really a pain. Ohh wait, the economy also 🙂

  11. xftrev Reply

    It’s nothing to do with the government’s totally apposite campaign to try and halt yet another tsunami of immigration from Eastern Europe, though the bleeding hearts of Brighton were never going to appreciate the impact on less salubrious districts, or indeed, low paid indigenous workers and tradesmen.

    There cannot be another country on earth that would have soaked up the result of Labour’s social experiment with such little antagonism. I would just love to see how the Bulgarians and Romanians would react if a similar proportion of people from yet poorer countries were allowed access to their job market as has already been experienced by the UK. And @Catalin – if it’s such a horrendous country, what keeps you here? Why not go to all these other welcoming democracies of which you speak? I visited Romania last April, and whilst we had a good time, it is patently obvious a) why so many would want to leave and b) how idiotic it was to have allowed it (and Bulgaria) into the EU at that time. It should have been an aspiration, not a one-way ticket.

  12. Does not matter Reply

    Their mentality is the problem, is my opinion. English nation is too proud of it and in religion the proud is the biggest danger for a certain nation that can make it fall down. In Romania all churches are full of people and in England are empty. They can not understand that they are not unique, they are not center of universe, they are not different. We romanians, bulgarians and other nations know that, they think that only about themselves. I sorry to say but they are cold like their weather. God made right here. England is a part of conquered peoples like germany, rusia and so on so we can’t expect a conquered country to understand other cultures. They are only apparently kind. Romania in his thousands if year never attack another country, it was always attacked and always resisted. We are strong and good people and God will protect us forever. In thousands of years of history Romania always defended so dont be afraid of us.

  13. Anna Reply

    xftrev: you don’t realize that if you brits would like to work, we immigrants couldn’t find jobs in uk and have no reason to come, because the weather is horrific indeed!! but you are laziest nation i’ve ever seen! if all immigrants would leave uk now, your economy would crash imediately, because you like to live on benefits! you’re even to lazy to dress properly, or to take care of your kids properly! i see every day british “moms” who really don’t care about their little babies screaming in their pushchairs, being to absorbed by their iphones! even your old parents are being left in care homes, because you are too selfish and too lazy to take care of them! and you should know: what goes around comes around: you occupied India, Australia, etc, etc, now is your turn: prepare for the fload:)))

  14. Anna Reply

    and another thing: if romanians would be invaded by poorer workers, they won’t react beating them in the street, but getting better skils and better qualifications to cannot be replaced by them! or using them to built a strong economy! (wich you already done, but not even greateful for that, because you don’t understand economy); almost all british lorry transport is assured by immigrants; why? because brits lorry drivers don’t want to wake up at 2 a.m. to deliver fresh food to supermarkets!

  15. Anthony Reply

    xftrev: “There cannot be another country on earth that would have soaked up the result of Labour’s social experiment with such little antagonism.”

    Well, you could ask Belgium, Austria, Ireland, Sweden, Spain, Greece and Denmark, all of whom had more net immigration than the UK did last year.

    Or you could ask Spain, Austria, Belgium, Ireland, Germany, Greece and Italy, all of whom had higher immigrant populations as share of the population last year.

    So for all your talk of “tsunamis”, the UK is roughly in the middle on immigration stats. And the sooner we realise that our holiday homes in Spain and the Romanian builders here are two sides of the same Euro, the better it will be.

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