Travellers move onto Surrenden Field

Posted On 07 Aug 2014 at 11:53 am
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Scores of travellers have set up camp on Surrenden Field this morning.

Picture by Terry Purcell

Picture by Terry Purcell

Terry Purcell took this picture of some of the caravans and vans setting up today in the park off the A23 London Road.

Brighton and Hove City Council’s traveller page says: “We will be visiting this site with the police as soon as practicable┬áto carry out a community impact assessment┬áto determine the most appropriate course of action.”

Travellers are also currently camped at 19 Acres off Devil’s Dyke Road.

The council has visited this site and will be applying to the court for a possession order to evict them unless they leave voluntarily.

  1. feline1 Reply

    why don’t B&HCC put in a suitable fence/gate so they can’t just drive onto the field?

  2. Rich Reply

    Why on earth don’t our incompetent council deal with these freeloaders properly. We are a soft touch which is why they are everywhere, ruining our city.

  3. feline1 Reply

    Because the incompetent council are voted in by incompetent voters, and these useless residents get the council they deserve. The solution is clearly to abandon the failed Greek democratic model and give supreme executive power to me. I’d show them a thing or two.

  4. Andy Reply

    ^^^Supreme executive power?!? To somebody called feline1 lmao lol rofl haha^^^

  5. feline1 Reply

    Says some fule whose name comes from the Greek for “manly”. And we all know what sort of things Greek men used to get up to… Gourmet Night, anyone? #fawltytowers

  6. ian killmister Reply

    feline comes from the latin so does this mean you enjoy orgies ? UP POMPEII with feline 1 , anyone ? i know of ONE greek gentle man who would be most upset at your unkind remarks . .
    In the interests of equality ,
    as always with love , lemme x
    P.S. the reason it fails is the middle and senior management in the council ! everyone else is trying to do their job .

  7. ian killmister Reply

    BTW ,
    Andreas means strong , manly or brave in Ancient Greek. And ‘fule’ is spelt ” fool ” in English .
    There .
    Lemme x

  8. M Zuma Reply

    At least we are permitted to comment unlike in the Argus.

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