Woman cyclist badly hurt in Hove crash

Posted On 08 Aug 2014 at 10:56 am
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Police are seeking witnesses to a collision in Hove which left a woman cyclist seriously injured.

At 8.40am yesterday (Thursday 7 August) a blue Suzuki Swift and the cyclist, a 24-year old woman from Worthing, collided in Kingsway, Hove, at the junction with Princes Crescent.

The cyclist was treated at the Royal Sussex County Hospital, in Brighton, for serious facial injuries and was later discharged.

PC Chris Welsh, of the Surrey and Sussex Road Policing Unit, said: “If you saw what happened please contact us via collision.appeal@sussex.pnn.police.uk or phone 101.”

  1. Mike Stead Reply

    It’s amazing that this car was out by itself, alone, with no human driving it.

    In contrast, the bicycle was being controlled by a 24-year old woman.

    …is it the policy of B&HN to imply the car was indeed driverless, and therefore no fault can be attributed to a human being?

  2. Hove Man Reply

    mike stead – Shame on you.You should be be thinking about the poor Lady Cyclist then making silly Statements about B&HN & picking up on how they report thing’s.

  3. Mike Stead Reply

    Hove Man – of course I sympathise with the woman – I don’t need you jumping to conclusions and patronising me. Shame on yourself.

    The UK has a massive problem with how ‘cyclists’ are made out to be at fault, whilst the actions of those who maim and kill them are rarely attributed to fellow human beings. I’m pretty certain the woman concerned would not be impressed to have her painful collision put down to the actions of a lump of metal instead of a fellow road user. How events like this are reported by the media, with subconscious or often deliberate bias against the person most at risk and most likely to not be at fault, reinforces stereotypes and influences road behaviour. That leads to less care and more injury/death.

    I guarantee you if it was a report about a pensioner being knocked to the ground by a teenager on a bike, the report would NOT read “At 8.40am on Thursday (7 August) a blue Raleigh BMX and the 87-year old woman from Worthing collided in Kingsway, Hove, at the junction with Princes Crescent.

  4. love life. Reply

    Mickey Stead.
    Perhaps Hove Man has touched on a Raw Nerve and your just a down on your luck Frustrated Reporter every day checking the Brighton & Hove News in a vain effort anyway possible to get into print!
    Now that “is” a Shame!Ha Ha.

  5. Mike Stead Reply

    No raw nerves here matey. And as it’s ‘in print’ it seems I was 100% successful, not ‘in vain’ 🙂

  6. Hove resident Reply

    This is an unfortunate accident but everyday the kings way is full of cyclists and the parallel cycle lane is very much underused. There should be more promotion to encourage cyclists to use the cycle lane as another strategy to improve road safety.

  7. kev H Reply

    The cycleway is a useful part of the travel infrasturcture especially for less experienced cyclists and families, but its very narrow and busy – it seems there is little space for overtaking.

    presumably a lot of the faster cyclists find it better to use the road, as i often do.

  8. Mel Reply

    This was my daughter who was knocked off her bike, she has severe facial injuries, what ever your opinion is if you are going to be ridiculous please have some compassion and keep it to yourself, her injuries are devastating, it could be your daughter sister or mother or someone close who has an accident, please keep in mind how you would feel,

    Witnesses we’re be requested not stupid comments.

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