Brighton lifeboat crew joins major search after man jumps from pier

Posted On 20 Nov 2014 at 11:58 pm

The Brighton RNLI lifeboat crew joined a major search for a man who was reported to have jumped off the Palace Pier this afternoon (Thursday 20 November).

The Brighton crew were joined by colleagues from Shoreham and Newhaven in a sea search after a call to the Solent coastguard at about 1.35pm.

Members of the public contacted the emergency services to say that they had seen a man jump off the eastern side of the Palace Pier in Brighton.

Volunteer lifeboat crew member Jade Cohen said that Brighton RNLI had been tasked to help search immediately. Shortly after, it was decided that other lifeboats were required.

Newhaven RNLI’s all-weather lifeboat crew happened to be afloat on a multi-agency exercise at the time, with other emergency services. They were immediately sent to the scene.

The inshore and all-weather lifeboats at Shoreham RNLI were also dispatched.

Jade Cohen said: “The scene was extremely busy with a lot of activity from different agencies.

“Solent coastguard’s Rescue 104 helicopter was also taking part in the search for the man.

“Meanwhile, a specialist search team from Sussex Police, who were in Brighton investigating a separate case, were redirected to help with the search.”

Both all-weather lifeboats from Newhaven and Shoreham were stood down at about 3.30pm, as was the rescue helicopter.

Brighton and Shoreham inshore lifeboats remained at the scene helping the police with the search for the missing man but they too were stood down just before 4.15pm.

At the time of the incident the sea was approaching low tide but, the RNLI said, as of 4.30pm the tide was at its highest.

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