Ethical Brighton gift shops to close

Posted On 27 Jan 2015 at 2:41 pm

An ethical gift shop is to close its two Brighton branches in an “honest, open and principled” way after falling foul of competition from the internet.

Evolution's closing down sale. Picture by Matthew Bright

Evolution’s closing down sale. Picture by Matthew Bright

Evolution is closing its stores in Bond Street and Western Road and is holding sales in both branches.

In a statement on its website, the Cambridge-based chain said: “Sadly after over 30 years of bringing ethically sourced gifts and home ware to the high street we will be closing our business down over the next few months.

“Our aim now is to close in an ethical way that preserves our reputation being an honest, open and principled retailer.

The retail landscape has changed so much since we started trading in the 1980s and we now find ourselves unable to compete with pressure from larger companies and the internet.”

  1. Miles Reply

    Surely the answer would be to move the business online then?

  2. Jon Reply

    Business council tax is the biggest killer of new businesses. It’s only large chains that can pay Brighton prices for a central location. It’s Brighton and hove council that’s destroyed the diversity of our shopping experience.

    • Hjarrs Reply

      Yes, that nasty council, not the incredible level of private rent or the internet!

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