Old public toilet discovery holds up Edward Street roadworks

Posted On 19 Feb 2015 at 1:45 pm

Roadworks on one of Brighton’s busiest streets have overrun in part because workmen discovered an old public toilet underneath the road.

Edward Street roadworks. Picture taken from Google Streetview

Edward Street roadworks. Picture taken from Google Streetview

The discovery was made during work to one of the junctions, which was meant to be completed by the end of last month.

But this complication, plus bad weather, have pushed it back, with a revised estimated end date of mid-March.

Council covid support

Work to the pavements in Edward Street and Eastern Road was due to be finished in November, but these are also ongoing.

A council spokesman said: “Construction projects are famously unpredictable. When a date is given for completion that needs to regarded as a target rather than a promise. You never know exactly what will be found under the ground or what the weather will be like.

“In the event the weather often prevented work and we found the remains of a public lavatory beneath the surface at the junction.

“We’re improving this junction, as residents requested, by adding in much-needed pedestrian crossing facilities, we’re doing that as fast as possible and apologise for any inconvenience.”

The original projected cost of the roadworks was £1.25million, but the final costs of the project will not be available until works are complete.

The spokesman added: “We do not anticipate invoking any penalty clauses as the delays incurred were not due to any fault on the contractor’s side.”

The roadworks began in November 2013, and have seen a westbound bus and cycle lane and an eastbound cycle lane introduced on Edward Street, an eastbound bus and cycle lane in Eastern Road.

The pavements have also been re-laid, central reservations improved and more pedestrian crossings introduced.

  1. feline1 Reply

    Well you’re really holding those over-spending public sector loons to account in this piece, Jo! I guess we’ll just have to keep paying them no matter how slow, lazy and incompetent they are! 😀

  2. Nigel Furness, UKIP Transport Spokesman Reply

    On numerous occasions I have been called out by frustrated local residents and businesses in this vicinity only to find temporary traffic lights and sundry other obstructions in place without a single workman in sight. This cannot be blamed on the discovery of an “unknown” underground lavatory. It is outrageous that local people have been treated with such utter contempt by the Council who seem to give the impression that their loyalties lie with the Contractors rather than the Electorate. It will be interesting to see where the voters loyalties lie!

  3. Tinto Brass Reply

    Toilets; its a dirty word, and a dirty thing, but I feel confident that we will soon be rid of the appallingly incompetent and incapable Marxist Green council

  4. ewrq Reply

    Just make it a flat

  5. Valerie Paynter Reply

    There is no excuse for not knowing it was there. Old Ordnance Survey maps marked the position of public toilets (back in the pre-bus and car era, there were pit stop loos everywhere.

    EVERYWHERE! If the Greens were serious about taking cars off the road, they would turn being a pedestrian into a luxe pursuit, complete with loadsa loos, trees, benches, pop-up traders doing quickie refreshments, pop-up parklets …. so much that could have been accomplished.

    This public toilet should be KEPT!! And re-furbished and brought back into use. Go for it.

    • Lex Angel Reply

      Spot on.

  6. Mark Finlason Reply

    Don’t be ridiculous, Nigel. This is Brighton not Burnley.

  7. Lynette Tate Reply

    Mmmm, yes of course they did Nigel

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