Another Little Oaks nursery told to make urgent improvements

Posted On 24 Feb 2015 at 3:09 pm

Another Little Oaks nursery has been warned by inspectors it must make urgent improvements.

The Islingword Road branch of the nursery chain was visited by Ofsted last month after being rated inadequate last November.

Inspector Mara Conroy said it had not yet done enough to stop being closely monitored.

Writing in her report, she said: “You explained that your main focus has been to make the environment, toys and equipment safe and suitable.

“You have refurbished the play areas and re-organised the furniture. By doing this you have removed the hazards and made the learning environment more effective.

“You have booked staff onto training and have begun to review the policies and procedures.

“You now monitor the attendance records to ensure they are maintained effectively, which ensures there is an accurate record of the hours the children attend.

“However, due to the short time frame, which you had to complete all the requirements and the amount of work required to do so, you have not managed to address all areas for improvement. ”

The monitoring followed its other two branches in Stanford Avenue, Brighton and Goldstone Villas, Hove also being rated indequate, and the closure of the Hove branch.

However, a further inspection of the Stanford Avenue branch found it had done enough to bring the nursery up to standard and its next inspection will be a standard full one.

  1. Ex parent Reply

    being an ex parent, I saw how incredibly awful the owner of these nurseries is, the best thing for these children is for all the nurseries to close!! Why are ofsted giving them chances to change when they know the full history of the nurseries and owners!!

  2. fifi Reply

    Yet again Littleoaks is in the news for all the wrong reasons .
    Why are these remaining nurseries being allowed to stay open ??
    I genuinely believe OFSTED are not doing their job properly and should by now have closed down the other 2 settings , seriously how many chances do these people need ??!!
    As a parent i would be moving my child immediately , although how are we supposed to rely on OFSTED reports if they can`t even shut down nurseries they deem to be unsuitable, unsafe and unhygenic in the first place ??!!

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