10 things you might have forgotten about Hangleton

Posted On 10 Jul 2015 at 10:19 pm

Here are 10 thing s you might have forgotten – or never even known – about Hangleton (and we’re talking Greater Hangleton, including West Blatchington and Benfield Valley).

1)  In the 1970s a small aircraft would fly low over West Blatchington schools as it sprayed crops in the fields behind the school playing field, much to the delight of the pupils.

2 ) The old building in Toads Hole Valley, known locally as the “old barn”, which was actually an old Second World War anti-aircraft gun platform.

3 ) The portaloos in Toads Hole Valley, which also served as changing rooms for Sunday League football teams who once played there in the 1970s such as Hangleton Rovers.

4) Rowan Halt, the railway station which was just off Hangleton Road and was part of the old Dyke Railway.

5) The Queen opening Hangleton Library in 1962. A picture of the event still adorns the entrance.

6) The number 8 bus which ran a clockwise and anti-clockwise circular route taking in Hangleton Valley, Old Shoreham Road, Hove seafront, Preston Street and Brighton Station.

7) Ex-Manchester United and Chelsea manager Dave Sexton, who lived in Amberley Drive, and Albion legend Peter Ward who lived in Honey Croft.

8) The derelict Benfield Manor which was next to the old West Hove Golf Club.

9) The nine-hole Brighton and Hove Golf Club which, before the 1950s, was an 18-hole course and stretched as far as where Hangleton Park is now sited.

10) Much-loved 70s comedy duo Little and Large filming sketches in Hangleton Valley Drive.

  1. caeos Reply

    The derelict Benfield Manor which was next to the old West Hove Golf Club.””
    it wasnt derelict until a bulldozer knocked into it while building sainsbury

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