Brighton father jailed for vicious attack on 6-week-old baby

Posted On 31 Jul 2015 at 4:55 pm

Benjamin ReeveA Brighton man has been sent to prison for 12 years and six months after admitting a vicious assault on his six-week old baby boy.

Benjamin Reeve, 22, of Dorset Gardens, Brighton, was sentenced at Lewes Crown Court today, having pleaded guilty at a previous hearing to causing grievous bodily harm to the baby on 28 April 2013 at his then home address in Clarence Square, Brighton.

The child received two fractures to the skull and multiple fractures of the ribs.

Detective Constable Duncan Chalmers said: “This was a vicious assault on a helpless child and that is clearly reflected in the sentence imposed today.

“Happily the child recovered from his injuries.”

  1. Ant Reply

    People like this is why the social are taken normal people’s kids off them breaking family’s up coz they don’t know who to trust. Man like this should be hung nuff said .

    • Carly Reply

      Real talk

  2. Macy Reply

    what an absolutely idiotic comment posted above, ‘the social’ don’t take kids into care for just anything, half the time they don’t take kids when they should, it’s not Eastenders.

    • Hayley harvey Reply

      I agree with Ant… But Macy in a lot of cases social services don’t know who to trust , so they make innocent people go through hell proving themselves when they are looking at the wrong people.

    • Tim Reply

      I take it you didn’t read the scathing judgement the high court made recently regarding a Brighton and hove social services case? It completely backs up what ant is saying.

    • Sammie Reply


  3. Michelle Reply

    Yes that is ture dont no who too trust x

  4. glennith Reply

    this kids a utter mug trust I new him time ago i garentie he’ll end up Killin himself he won’t be able to do that stretch

  5. Pauline banks Reply

    Poor little baby .he should never be let out .glad bubba recovered .

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