Met Office warns of high winds gusting up to 70mph

Posted On 27 Nov 2015 at 7:25 pm

The Met Office has issued a severe weather warning for the weekend with gusts of up to 70mph expected.

The high winds are forecast to strengthen slightly on Monday and the blowy spell could last until late Wednesday when forecasters are expecting heavy rain, possibly up to half an inch.

Initially the wind will be northwesterly, making the cold night-time temperatures feel even chillier. The 7C (45F) overnight minimum does not take the wind chill factor into account.

But by breakfast time the wind direction should be shifting. It will be westerly for a while before swinging further round to become a more conventional southwesterly but edging towards gale force.

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The warning

The severe weather warning is valid from 9am tomorrow (Saturday 28 November) until 6pm on Sunday although the wind won’t stop then.

The Met Office said: “A blustery weekend is expected across England and Wales with winds strengthening from the west on Saturday morning.

“Gusts around coastlines exposed to the westerly or southwesterly winds could reach 60 mph at times. Inland gusts will be less frequent but could still reach 50mph to 55mph.

“Further strengthening from the west is expected on Sunday where gusts around western coasts could locally reach 70 mph.

Elsewhere gusts of 60 mph are possible, particularly in western areas. Please be aware of the potential for some disruption due to the strong winds.”

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