Hanover residents to be asked again to agree to parking zone

Posted On 11 Jan 2016 at 6:09 pm

People living in the Hanover and Elm Grove area are to be consulted again about whether they want a new controlled parking zone.

Brighton and Hove City Council said: “The neighbourhood is now the only part of central Brighton with free parking.

“Locals complain the streets are consequently clogged with vehicles driven by commuters, tourists, shoppers and people from adjacent parking zones who do not wish to pay.

“The Hanover proposal follows extensive research by the Hanover Local Action Team (LAT) which found most residents who responded to a LAT survey were in favour.

“Meanwhile, a new scheme for Fiveways is set to proceed after the council considered residents’ views on the fine details and amended the plan where practical.

“A new parking area would be created for Ditchling Gardens and Hollingbury Road to help residents park nearer their homes.

“A recent consultation showed most households in support.

“In Hanover residents will be asked if they would like parking restriction to operate all day or for limited periods – or whether they wanted to continue with no controls at all.

“They will also be asked if they want any scheme to operate all week or Monday to Friday.”

The council said that if the consultation was approved at its Environment, Transport and Sustainability Committee next Tuesday (19 January), a leaflet would be sent to every household in the area.

The council added: “A detailed design consultation would then take place for areas requesting controls and any scheme if approved would be introduced in early 2017.”

Councillor Gill Mitchell, who chairs the committee, said: “There’s an unusual situation in Hanover where almost half the households have no car yet the roads and many pavements are bumper to bumper with vehicles.

“Parking controls can make streets and neighbourhoods much more pleasant. But ultimately the choice will be up to local people who express a view. “

LAT chairman Chris Taylor said: “This consultation is based on a partnership between the LAT and the council.

“Surveys of 36 streets have shown a majority of respondents now in favour of some form of controlled parking.

“The council and LAT are working together to build a flexible scheme which will suit as many residents as possible.

“This consultation is about the basics and fine detail will be worked up later. Nothing is set in stone and it’s for residents to make the final decision.”

  1. Rob Reply

    another cash cow for the council, we don’t want to pay to park outside our own house!

  2. Silvon Reply

    You are very lucky Rob – I haven’t been able to park outside my own house for years. I would gladly pay a small levy to ensure that I could park close to my house and to stop the constant traffic speeding up and down the narrow streets looking for spaces.

  3. les Glaskin Reply

    I have no trouble parking in Agnes Street area . Might have to park in Normanton street sometimes but only for an hour or so.

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