Brighton and Hove drivers warned about new speed camera site

Posted On 13 Jan 2016 at 5:38 pm

Drivers heading out of Brighton and Hove on the A27 have been warned about a new mobile speed camera site.

The Sussex Safer Roads Partnership said that it would be deploying mobile speed cameras on the approach to the Ashcombe Roundabout near Lewes from the end of this month.

It said that two people had died and ten crashes had left people dead or seriously injured in an 18-month period.

The Sussex Safer Roads Partnership said: “A new mobile speed site is to be introduced to tackle the rise in collisions on the A27.

“Sussex Safer Roads Partnership is looking to reduce casualties that have been increasing on the eastbound approach to the Ashcombe Roundabout near Lewes.

“Despite already operating 95 mobile speed sites throughout Sussex, it was agreed by the partnership that this new location was necessary to ensure the safety of road users travelling through the area.

“From March 2014 to October 2015, there have been ten collisions with ‘killed or seriously injured’ (KSI) results, two of which were fatal.

“As a number of the ‘slight’ injuries occurred on the roundabout itself, the introduction of a mobile speed site will encourage compliance with the 50 mph speed limit, slowing the traffic down and reducing collision severity actually at the roundabout and on the approach to it.

“Enforcement warning signs have already been placed in the area since before Christmas to inform the motorists using this road that speed enforcement will be undertaken in the future.

“We aim to be as transparent as possible in our areas of enforcement, with the motivation to promote to motorists that we are there for their safety, not to generate revenue.”

Eddie Preece, of the Safety Camera Team, said: “The collision data for the approach to the Ashcombe Roundabout highlights a need in behavioural change within the 50mph limit.

“The deployment of mobile camera technology fits well with the road dynamic, location and cost implications associated with speed management prior to the roundabout on the eastbound carriageway.”

Information about the new site – by the turn-off for Kingston – and about other speed camera sites can be found on the Sussex Safer Roads Partnership website

  1. Stephen Quantrill Reply

    How about the Falmer slip road during rush hour. That is a dangerous area with the slip road backed up, cars trying to join from Lewis road ramp coming on and cars jostling to get into the exit and trying to come on. In meantime cars are coming full speed round the bypass and avoiding people queuing for the slip road on a blind corner. No action taken on that I guess until a number of people are killed or seriously injured. Lack of proactive enforcement once again. Only reacting to what already has happened.

  2. Mark Reply

    Saw a crash there recently as a direct result of the mobile camera. White Vauxhall I think.

    • Peter franklin Reply

      A couple of years back i spoke to the head of road safety in the council re this problem. I suggested it was because of bad sequencing of the lights at brighton university. I said that it was extremely dangerous and that someone would get killed there but was told ‘that’s just your opinion’

  3. Peter franklin Reply

    Last was regarding the falmer slip road

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