LIVE: Brighton Marathon 2016

Posted On 17 Apr 2016 at 7:18 am
Brighton Marathon runners heading down Preston Road

Brighton Marathon runners heading down Preston Road. Picture by Becky Snowden

Follow the Brighton Marathon live.

Our team reporting live are Brighton Journalist Works students Isabella Cipirska, Thomas Rush, Becky Snowden and Frances Solomon, with tutor and journalist Sarah Booker Lewis managing the stream.

2.31pm: Sunday, 17 April

German Doner Kebab

Foil blankets are a must wear after 26 miles on the road.

2.24pm: Sunday, 17 April

The crowds are thinning out now five hours after the first mass start.

2.20pm: Sunday, 17 April

The clean-up is underway along the first 13 miles. Runner fans are still cheering.

2.13pm: Sunday, 17 April

There are huge crowds at the finish.

1.58pm: Sunday, 17 April

Madeira Drive is where everyone wants to be now.

1.56pm: Sunday, 17 April

It is great to see people willing to spend hours waiting to support their runner.

1.52pm: Sunday, 17 April

Runners heading into the final two miles at Hove Lawns.

1.50pm Sunday, 17 April

There is great support for all the runners today.

1.45pm: Sunday, 17 April

This runner is at the 13 mile marker. He is at the back but halfway there.

1.40pm: Sunday, 17 April

There’s plenty of noisy support along the way.

1.35pm: Sunday, 17 April

These runners have just one mile.

1.31pm: Sunday, 17 April

These runners have just two miles to go now.

1.30pm: Sunday, 17 April

It is very busy now at the finishing line.

1.15pm: Sunday, 17 April

Supporters help raise runners’ spirits.

1.13pm: Sunday, 17 April

The Rhino runner is in Hove.

1.10pm: Sunday, 17 April

On a sunny day a costume like this must be hot.

This runner for Samaritans has to have strong shoulders.

1pm: Sunday, 17 April

These runners can take comfort knowing they are on the home stretch.

12.59pm: Sunday, 17 April

A steady stream of runners are reaching the finish now.

12.47pm: Sunday, 17 April

Women's winners receiving their medals. Picture by Isabella Cipirska

Women’s winners receiving their medals. Picture by Isabella Cipirska

The women’s results are:

1. Grace Momanyi, 2:34:16
2. Asnakech Mengistu, 2:35:42
3. Peninah Wanjiru, 2:42:38.

12.38pm: Sunday, 17 April

What a hero to take part in the marathon in firefighters’ breathing apparatus.

12.35pm: Sunday, 17 April

It is busy on both sides of Kingsway now, as experienced runners hit the home stretch while the masses head west.

12.30pm: Sunday, 17 April

Great costumes add to the fun.

Along with great support from the crowds lining the street.

12.25pm: Sunday, 17 April

The stream of runners is constant going up Grand Avenue.

12.22pm: Sunday, 17 April

A trumpeter entertains the runners along Grand Avenue, Hove.

12.12pm: Sunday, 17 April

Thomas Rush interviews Bracknell Forest Runners Jeremy Hall, Kendra Hall, Cindy Holland and Patrick Slaughter were at the finishing line to cheer on Adam Cracknell who completed the course in 2:39:50.

12.07pm: Sunday, 17 April

Women’s race winner Grace Momanyi in the home stretch. She won in a time of 2:34:15

12.05pm Sunday, 17 April

As the professional and club runners make it to the finish line, the masses are being cheered along the seafront and into Hove.

11.55am Sunday, 17 April

Thomas Roach is the first non-elite runner finishing in 2:27:35.

He is running for Sussex Wildlife Trust. On his Thomas Roach’s Just Giving page he vowed to run as fast as possible.


11.52 am Sunday, 17 April

1. Duncan Maiyo
2. Raymond Chemungor
3. Edwin Kiptoo

11.47am Sunday, 17 April

Brighton Marathon confirms a course best for reigning champion Duncan Maiyo. The Kenyan beat his 2015 winning time by 19 seconds.

11.39am Sunday, 17 April

Runners are now streaming down Grand Avenue, Hove.

Reporter Becky Snowden shared these photographs.

11.28am Sunday, 17 April

Live streat: Duncan Mayio wins, just missing the course record with his time of 2:09:54.

11.25am Sunday, 17 April

The race leader Duncan Mayio passes the West Pier

11.23 am Sunday, 17 April

Nearly at the West Pier. Could we see a course record today?

11.20am Sunday, 17 April

It’s tiring watching as reporter Thomas Rush discovered at the Brighton Marathon Village.

11.13am Sunday, 17 April

Save the Rhino runners are a marathon fixure in their heavy costumes.

11.11am Sunday, 17 April

No turning now for the elite runners. It’s straight to Madeira Drive as they head back along Basin Road South.

11.10am Sunday, 17 April

Now the main pack are passing the West Pier with huge support from the crowds lining the route.

11.04am Sunday, 17 April

The elite men are setting a blistering pace now as they head towards Shoreham Harbour.

11am Sunday, 17 April

They made it to the end. BM10 runners dressed as trainers raising money for Cancer Research UK.

10.55am Sunday, 17 April

Men and women’s elite runners are setting a fast pace.

10.40am Sunday, 17 April

Family and friends cheering people on.

Reporter Tom Rush caught up with Beth Evans’ family

10.37am Sunday, 17 April

Inspiring scenes from reporter Tom Rush based in Gloucester Place.

10.33am Sunday, 17 April

Keep an eye out for Dave Cooper from Ashford in Kent. As well as running with a full pack, he is doing 26 reps of different exercises at each mile.

He is running for veterans’ charity Combat Stress.

10.25am Sunday, 17 April

Vicki Patel and friends are BM10 runners dressed as Thomas the Tank engine characters to raise money for Chestnut Tree House.

10.25am Sunday, 17 April

The Brighton Marathon scooter and Mini motorcade is heading into Hove.

10.20am Sunday, 17 April

There are so many great and inspiring stories behind every runner.

How we wish we could interview them all as they speed past.

This group are running the BM10 making their way along the home stretch.

10.17am Sunday, 17 April

There are some great costumes at today’s marathon and BM10.

10.12am Sunday, 17 April

Meanwhile in Madeira Drive, the BM10K runners are collecting their medals.

10.08am Sunday, 17 April

The last runners are leaving Preston Park.

10am Sunday, 17 April

Breast Cancer Care has 400 runners raising money today.

Kate Pearse talks to Frances Solomon as the charity has volunteers out in force to cheer their team on.

9.55am Sunday, 17 April

Becky Snowden reporters official race starter Zoe Ball high-fived runners as they set off.

9.52am Sunday, 17 April

Thousands are running past St Peter’s Church now, as everyone has started the Brighton Marathon.

9.42am Sunday, 17 April

BM10 winners


  1. Adam Hickey 29:02:960
  2. Jonny Tayor 29:11:930
  3. Paul Martelletti 29:28:290


  1. Gemma Steel 34:10:710
  2. Martha Coyle 36:10:71
  3. Izzy Coomber 36:34:94.

9.36am Sunday, 17 April

The massed runners are heading down York Place now.

9.34am Sunday, 17 April

EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: First woman home Gemma Steel speaks with Isabella Cipirska at the finishing line.

She completed the course in 34 minutes and ten seconds.

9.30am Sunday, 17 April

Fun runners are starting in five waves from Preston Park.

The first at 9.15am and the last group at 9.45am.

Reporter Becky Snowden is watching them go.

9.27am Sunday, 17 April

The Brighton Marathon parade heads down York Place in front of the runners.

9.25am Sunday, 17 April

9.22am Sunday, 17 April

This weekend runners have raised more than £35million for their chosen charities.

Reporter Tom Rush spoke with Katie Glendenning running for MACS.

9.16am Sunday, 17 April

BM10 winner is Adam Hickey who completed the course in 29 minutes and six seconds.

Second home was Johnny Taylor.

9.15am Sunday, 17 April

Still a way to go for these BM10 runners.

9.10am Sunday, 17 April

First runners heading towards the finishing line.


9.10am Sunday, 17 April

The first BM10 runners are along the seafront.

9am Sunday, 17 April

Reporter Thomas Rush caught the first BM10 runners heading down York Place and back up to the Level.

8.55am Sunday, 17 April

8.50am Sunday, 17 April

Great conditions for BM10 runners as they make their way down North Street.

8.45am Sunday, 17 April

Reporter Isabella Cipirska had a great view of BM10 runners heading down North Street.

8.38am Sunday, 17 April

The BM10 runners are off.

8.33am Sunday, 17 April

Students from Hurstpierpoint College are at the Peace Statue ready to hand out drinks to thirsty runners and cheer them on.

Frances Solomon spoke with volunteer Zoe Foye.

8.15am Sunday, 17 April

Becky Snowden is speaking to runners at the start in Preston Park

Sabine from Burgess Hill is running her first 10k today after joining a running club this year.

Andy from Wokingham wants to do better this year.

8.10am Sunday, 17 April

Reporter Frances Solomon is based on the seafront in the Hove Lawns area today, where preparations are underway before the first runners come by.

8.04am Sunday, 17 April

A first time runner raising money for ABC Animal Sanctury in West Chiltington, she was told she would not run again after breaking her back in 2013.

8.02am Sunday, 17 April

7.55am Sunday, 17 April

Reporter Isabella Cipirska is based along Madeira Drive for the duration.

Volunteers are busy setting up for the first arrivals in a couple of hours.

7.45am Sunday, 17 April

Reporter Becky Snowden is at Preston Park where the first runners are arriving.

7.18am Sunday, 17 April


7.15am Sunday, 17 April

It is a bright but cold start for runners taking part in the Brighton Marathon today.

The temperature is 2C and expected to increase to 10C by lunchtime.

Despite the sunshine early this morning cloud is expected by 8am, bringing better conditions for runners.

Our team reporting live are Brighton Journalist Works students Isabella Cipirska, Thomas Rush, Becky Snowden and Frances Solomon, with tutor and journalist Sarah Booker Lewis managing the stream.

  1. Caroline Gash and all from Sheffield Uni. Med. School Reply

    Special mention for marathon runners Tracy Woodward (the Barnsley Terrier)and Steph Allen from Sheffield. It’s Steph’s first marathon. Good luck both.

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  3. Lisa Bradley Reply

    Fab pics they done well but can I ask why there are pics of the runners on hasting road and Lewes road Brighton they run right past my house it’s fab we all get up in street to watch I know it’s the back streets of Brighton but would be fab to show the run and show notice

    • Sarah Lewis Reply

      Hi Lisa

      We have a limited number of people on the ground so key areas are covered for maximum impact. These are: start, finish, Old Steine and St Peter’s Church and along the seafront.

      We want to get as many runners as possible, and these points along the way have two or even three streams of participants. Reporters also need to move quickly to react to anything happening.

      As lovely as it would be to take pictures of runners along Hastings Road and Lewes Road, they are out on a limb and we need to use our resources effectively.

      Sarah (live story manager)

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