Brighton drag queen told he shouldn’t be buying women’s clothes

Posted On 25 May 2016 at 3:33 pm

A high street store has apologised to a Brighton drag queen after he was told he shouldn’t be buying women’s clothes when he tried to get a refund on a faulty silk dress.

Charlie Bridge, who performs as Victoria Vanity, said he was outraged when a store manager at TK Maxx suggested his male physique was to blame for a seam on the floor length white dress coming undone.

The store’s head office has since offered him a £50 gift card, but Charlie says he wants to highlight the transphobia he experienced and to protect others.

Charlie, 23, from Kemp Town, said: “The manager suggested that the outfit was not designed for men and that I didn’t have a women’s physique and shouldn’t be wearing women’s clothes or partaking in his brand.

“I contacted head office and was told that three other members of staff from the store had complained about what he had said.

“I’m not shopping with TK Maxx any  more. I’m a size 10-12, I’m very slender. I’ve got a better figure than most women.

“I love going out in drag and it’s a really good way of expressing your personality as an alter ego, it’s amazing.

“Because I am a strong person this issue didn’t affect me, however it could have really hurt a vulnerable person perhaps trying to express themselves.”

A spokeswoman for TK Maxx said: “At TK Maxx, a core value of our Company is treating all of our customers and associates with dignity and respect.

“We value diversity and are committed to creating an environment of inclusion. We regret that our customer may not have received the best service in this instance and sincerely apologise.

“We continue to train and embed our policy with our associates.”

  1. Kelly Reply

    I support the right of anyone to buy any clothes. However, I think it is unnecessary for Charlie to say they have a better figure than most women. In adds nothing to their argument. Also who to say what a good figure is?

    • Me Reply

      Took the words out of my mouth Kelly ☺

      • Linda Bramley Reply

        A better figure than most women? Not a better brain obvs! ?

  2. Anon Reply

    The dress is designed for a woman not a man. The shape of a female is very different that’s why most drag queens have to alter outfits or go to specialist transgender shops. My, what a cheap drag queen, shopping at TK Maxx

    • Anon Reply

      ‘Specialist transgender shops’ Right. And you clearly know nothing about the drag scene who’s queens shop on the high street regularly.

  3. Mark Reply

    You say it how it is! Never shopping there again. The manager should be sacked, if 3 people complained about his conduct he should be on his way out!

  4. Nicole Reply

    Awful, but so is this “I’m not shopping with TK Maxx any more. I’m a size 10-12, I’m very slender. I’ve got a better figure than most women.”

  5. Anonymous Reply

    He is no better than the manager for making outlandish and offensive statements like “I’ve got a better figure than most women.” Don’t diminish any right to offense you may have by spouting such childish and narcissistic comments.

  6. Ruth Reply

    The store are right in saying the clothes aren’t designed for a man. The dress was probably faulty because of a male figure wearing it. Also, do we really think tkmaxx would tell him that other staff members complained? That would be kept in house. Bit of a nothing store about a guy wanting publicity!

  7. Joe Stains Reply

    Is it a ‘he-male’ or a ‘she-male’? How can you possibly be sure?

    • Adam Highway Reply

      Well …. that’s pretty bloody offensive!

      • Anon Reply

        Don’t believe everything you read. That’s small minded in itself

      • Joe Stains Reply

        Debate isn’t your strong point, is it? Calling someone a ‘small-minded cretin’ pretty much shows youre too uneducated to debate, and have to resort to ad hominem attacks.

        Have a nice day

  8. Sophie Hews Reply

    What gives anyone the right to judge someone else based in how they dress. Charlie clearly loves his body and his clothing choices, and it’s really no one else’s business how he chooses to dress.

  9. Charly Reply

    Loving how up in arms women get when a male claims to have a better figure. Guarantee none of them like their own bodies. Because the issue here really, is this guys narcissism. Get a grip girls. Maybe on some weights or a treadmill.

  10. cesar dizon Reply

    “I’ve got a better figure than most women”. it is an not offensive
    comment. it is self confidence talking and he probably is. If, Miss female
    beauty queen said that, will you still be offended? .

  11. Gary Docking Reply

    The apology , if indeed that is what it is , is too little too late! You don’t get a second chance to make a good sale!

  12. Anon Reply

    I am appalled by the victimisation that this article has instigated. We live in a society that is proud of its justice system. Is the argument with T K Maxx or the store manager? We only have one side to this story and no pictorial evidence to judge for ourselves.
    We have heard that Charlie feels he is a victim but does fighting transgenderphobia mean we hang someone else out to dry?

  13. Paul Reply

    Sounds more like he was asked not to damage clothes that didn’t fit him…

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