Autumn statement – Hove MP accuses Chancellor of ignoring Brexit shockwaves

Posted On 23 Nov 2016 at 7:30 pm

Hove MP Peter Kyle said that the Chancellor had paid too little attention to the Brexit shockwaves hitting Britain’s economy in his autumn statement today (Wednesday 23 November).

Peter Kyle

Peter Kyle

Mr Kyle said: “Today we learned that our country is £58 billion poorer than six months ago, growth is downgraded by a stunning 2.4 per cent, that our debt reduction target has been shunted back to 2020 and that our deficit won’t be tackled until an unspecified time in the next parliament.

“These are the shockwaves hitting our economy since the referendum yet the Chancellor spent more time talking about the date of the next budget than he did about Brexit.

“It’s good news for Brighton and Hove that Labour’s plan to outlaw letting agency fees will be enacted.

“But the fact this was the headline announcement is proof that this government is not capable of understanding, let alone tackling, the massive sources that are rocking our economy to its foundations at this perilous time.”

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