Brighton Station pub closes after trade plummets during strike

Posted On 31 Jan 2017 at 2:29 pm

Brighton Station’s pub has been forced to close after the number of customers it attracted more than halved during the recent industrial action.
Cyclist Refreshment Rooms
The Cyclist Refreshment Rooms was one of a clutch of new shops and eateries to open when the station was refurbished in the summer of 2014.

But after a promising start, the ongoing chaos on strike-hit Southern services has led to trade plummeting to such an extent it cannot stay open

Owner and investor Rupert Clevely said: “We are sad to go but unfortunately the strikes and inconsistency of passengers and the train network has forced us to close because of a massive reduction in customers.”

The pub’s 11 staff, half full time and half part time, were given the news on Thursday, and the pub closed its doors for the last time on Saturday.

The Cyclist is not the first business at the station to close as a result of the strikes. The Oatopia porridge van also shut up shop just before Christmas, also citing the reduction in trade due to the strike as a factor.

A spokesman for Southern said: “We were disappointed to hear the news, last week, that The Cyclist at Brighton has decided to close and will be sad to see them go. The industrial action has been hard on everyone, including station traders. There are ongoing discussions between our agents and the pub owners which are yet to be concluded.”

  1. Robin Reply

    That’s really sad – it was a nice place.

  2. Jon Reply

    More like the rents are extortionate!!!

  3. Matthew moore Reply

    Sad to hear that Southern’s ineptitude has destroyed jobs/businesses. Let’s not pretend that this is solely as a result of industrial action-Southern and GTR mucpst take the blame for this.
    I regularly used this facility until the trains became unpredictable. Sadly won’t be using station services any more after April-will drive from them on.
    Caution to future businesses-brighton station is a poisoned chalice. Chose a better supported infrastructure to set up shop

  4. Hjarrs Reply

    A lovely place, drank and ate there a number of times. Yet another victim of Southern and the government that has helped incite industrial action.

  5. Gitte de Sainte Marie Reply

    Very sad indeed ! I think I had the best burger of my life there and would have gone there again although I don’t often have the opportunity as I live in France.

  6. Jonathon Sandrine Reply

    In disgust I shredded my train pass.Bought a car and will only use this mode of transport.I will always avoid train travel.Best decision I ever made.i am now not dependant on trains!

  7. Alad in Seine Reply

    I do not agree with the headline.. The business has been failing for quite sometime, and has had numerous injections of cash from the owners over the last 2 years..sadly just not a great place for this type of business. Very sad to see the loss of jobs.. Brighton can be a very tough place to do business…

  8. DL Reply

    I had absolutely no idea there was a pub in the station. I’ve walked straight past it so many times. I don’t think the strikes are the only issue at all

    • Dom Kaos Reply

      One can only be grateful they didn’t blame Brexit.

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