i360 develops another fault 

Posted On 26 Mar 2017 at 1:24 pm

The i360 has developed another fault and will be closed until Tuesday while engineers investigate the fault.

By Brett Mendoza

The attraction stopped working properly this morning – the latest in a string of faults which have plagued the viewing tower in its first year of opening.

Flights were cancelled as early as 10am – with emails being sent out to visitors at 10.22am.

The empty pod has been spotted going up and down the tower today while tests continue.

A spokesperson for the i360 said: “The British Airways i360 pod is closed today (March 26) and tomorrow (March 27) while technicians investigate the cause of a fault.

“We would like to offer our sincere apologies to our customers for the inconvenience caused. Tickets for flights on these dates will be valid for three months.

“The Belle Vue restaurant and our shop remain open as usual.”

  1. Joe Stains Reply

    I hope the Green’s are proud of this ‘Technological Terror’ that they have created.

  2. Valerie Paynter Reply

    I am told that there was a podful of lots of people stuck up that pole for two hours on Saturday night. Anyone know about that? Who?

  3. Ferdy Reply

    Hooray! It’s broken again. Can’t wait for the next time.. that is if they fix it this time!

  4. Linda morgan Reply

    What gets me is it keeps getting stuck and there is no toilet facilities in the pod. Very embarrassing. The attraction is a waste of money. Why did Brighton get rid of the wheel. At least it was making money!!

  5. Bert Reply

    Get rid!

  6. Samantha Lucas Reply

    I was stuck in the pod for nearly 2 hours on Saturday afternoon at nearly 400 ft in the air…. Poor staff had no information to pass over to us and at one point were stuck emptying the porta loo and then having to hold the tent around it for passengers to use, this team did so well trying to keep people positive for so long, with not so much as an apology from management when we landed

    For someone not good with heights over a long period it wasn’t the best experience it was busy and we all ended up just sitting or laying around the floor…. The air conditioning worked alright though!!

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