Two specks of red and one green in Brighton and Hove as Labour takes Kemptown and keeps Hove and Lucas retains Pavilion

Posted On 09 Jun 2017 at 3:58 am

Brighton Kemptown has turned red with Labour candidate Lloyd Russell-Moyle taking the seat from Conservative Simon Kirby with a huge majority of almost 10,000.

Peter Kyle has kept Hove, increasing his slim majority to just short of 18,000.

And Caroline Lucas once again increased her majority to about 15,000.

Mr Russell-Moyle received 28,703 votes – 9,868 more than Mr Kirby’s 18,835 votes.

Candidates and campaigners are still  assembled at the Amex Stadium this morning awaiting the results of the general election in Brighton Pavilion.

More follows – see the Twitter feed below for results as they happen.

Following the exit polls showing a Labour surge last night, red rosette wearers are looking cheerful, while smiles are less hard to spot on the blue team.

The Greens are said to be nervous about the results in Pavilion, where Caroline Lucas increased her majority two years ago – but Labour sources say they don’t think she has much to be worried about.

The results are now expected to come in earlier than first anticipated, as early as 4.30am.

  1. Joe Stains Reply

    Despite ‘5 Homes’ keeping her seat (due to aggressively targeting the student vote), it is most comforting to know that the appallingly incapable and incompetent Green Party have received disastrous results nationally.

    So much for the ‘Green Surge’ that Lucas and the rest of the swivel-eyed Greens promised would happen…

  2. Karen Von Brighton Reply

    Whatever your political colour, Caroline Lucas is undoubtedly an excellent local MP. When local residents have needed to call on her, for reasons big or small, she has been available. She has a track record of being highly effective, reasonable, fair and compassionate. I gather she has doubled her majority as a result. Perhaps Green supporters nationwide have voted tactically to keep the tories out? I know I would. Gotta go now, my eyes are swivelling too much to type.

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