Man jailed for racial insult in Brighton pub

Posted On 28 Jun 2017 at 6:57 pm

The director of a Brighton waste business has been jailed for four months for racially abusing a pregnant woman in a Brighton pub.

Christopher Gargan, 55, who helped set up KSD, at Patcham Place, in London Road, Brighton, and co-owns Whitehawk FC, was jailed at Brighton Crown Court on Friday (23 June).

Gargan, of Malthouse Lane, Hurstpierpoint, was found guilty by a jury of causing racially aggravated alarm and harassment and distress to a 24-year -old woman in the Fiveways pub in Ditchling Road, Brighton, on 23 April last year.

The victim, a young woman of Jamaican background, who was also eight months pregnant, had been sitting quietly with her partner and family, helping her nieces with a colouring book.

Gargan, a complete stranger to her, came up behind her and racially insulted her.

She and her family were shocked and contacted Sussex Police who made inquiries at the pub, leading to the identification of Gargan as the offender.

In sentencing, Judge Anthony Niblett said the word used was “totally abhorrent and had no place in today’s society”.

He also told Gargan that his standing in society had “made him think he was above the law”.

PC Chris Clarke said: “Gargan denied the offence throughout and it was only the steadfast evidence of the victim and family, together with CCTV from the pub, that enabled justice to be done. Such behaviour is offensive and will always be investigated.

“This sentence sends out a clear signal that we will take a robust approach to those who target individuals based on their disability, gender identity, race, religion or sexual orientation.

“I hope this case will encourage other victims of hate to report such behaviour to the police.

“Hate crime can be reported to us online at or by calling 01273 470101, or 999 in an emergency.”

  1. Strng Patient Reply

    Should have worked for bsuh. would have gone free

    • Sorcha Reply

      Sad, but true.

  2. james Reply

    Chris is a well known nasty scumbag businessman, the worst kind of thug capitalist. We can now officially add racist and liar to the character traits.

    I do hope that BHCC break all ties to Chris and KSD.

    • Lee Reply

      Thats a bit harsh dont u think why not tell him in 8 weeks face to face

  3. bradly Reply

    Judge Anthony Niblett said the word used was “totally abhorrent”: what was that word?

  4. Caroline C Reply

    This bloke is an animal he’s bullied lied and ripped off local traders for years. I hope the Co-op group get wind of it as just given him 100 million contract. Absolute scumbag

  5. James Reply

    If i were to guess, it would begin with an N

  6. Sharon W Reply

    I think this man is an ignorant idiot ,his pathetic friends included in that ignorance ! He deserves what he got ,infact should have got longer .The people crawling up his backside ,E,G Say it when he comes out ,I’m fairly sure they’d be more than pleased to repeat that comment .As myself and many who know this scum bag would .He is a bully who actually thinks himself and his friends are above the law ,can victimise people but I’m sure his or his friends actions will be watched very closely by the relevant authorities now and in the future .These people are and will be protected by the law from both him and his backside crawling friends .

  7. Smiley Thyme Reply

    I cant help but feel, if he had called a male of arabic descent the P word.(which i know people like him, if he uses the N word he will use the P word) it wouldn’t have even gone to court.

    but im pleased he got what he deserves and lets hope he understands the 8 weeks is his own fault rather than feeling anger toward the victime. the latter being quite likely.

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