No charges over Saltdean Lido vandalism but witness appeal renewed

Posted On 11 Jul 2017 at 10:33 am

No charges are to be brought against any of the teenagers arrested after a vandalism spree at the Saltdean Lido on Sunday night – but police have renewed their appeal for witneses.

Flint stones were used to smash the toughened glass around the pool after a gang of teenagers broke in for a swim after the pool closed.

Sussex Police officers broke up the party and three teens were arrested – but after a night in the cells, they have been released without charge as there was insufficient evidence to prosecute them.

This also means the Saltdean Lido Community Interest Company (CIC) cannot recover any costs from the vandals. However, since yesterday it has been deluged with offers of support and it has launched a crowdfunding page to help pay for the repairs and improve security, including CCTV.

The CIC said: “This now means, we are unable to recover any costs from the perpetrators.

“It is very unfortunate that there is currently insufficient evidence to prosecute the individuals. We however opened today and its very much business as normal whilst we fundraise to replace the glass screens.

“Criminal damage to any building should not be tolerated. After spending 7 years as a volunteer team and raising £3million pounds its disappointing that mindless vandals who live locally attempt to ruin it for the majority of law-abiding citizens.

“We can now only plead with their parents (they are Saltdean and Peacehaven children) to ensure their children understand that trespassing is illegal (not to mention dangerous with deep waters) and damaging property is a criminal offence. We will always do everything within our power to seek a prosecution and in addition to this we will apply a lifetime ban ensuring that individuals are not permitted entry to the lido.

“This week, we will be reviewing all security measures at the site.

“The support from the general public has been overwhelming and we are truly grateful to have received such lovely messages at this trying time.”

  1. Valerie Paynter Reply

    Those teenagers are now free to sue for false arrest if the vandalism was the given reason for arrest. I hope evidence and witnesses are found….

  2. Claire Letang Reply

    They’re not. There only has to be a reasonable suspicion for an arrest to take place.

  3. tim Reply

    Just name and shame them

  4. Fishwife, 49 Reply

    What, so the locals can tar and feather them? This is Brighton, not Farageland.

    • Dill Reply

      Saltdean isn’t Brighton 😉 Thank God

      I’m sure someone somewhere knows who they are..

      • Rob Reply

        Actually, Saltdean is still within the B&H city borders (well, half of it, including Saldean lido is)

    • tim Reply

      No,but it is important that people learn to take responsibilities for their actions. So stand up and be counted. We will find out who they are.

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