Woman pedestrian dies in Hove car crash

Posted On 02 Sep 2017 at 6:10 pm

A woman died after being hit by a car in Old Shoreham Road, Hove, this afternoon (Saturday 2 September).

The 86-year-old was struck by a black Toyota Celica at lunchtime and died at the scene.

The 39-year-old driver of the Toyota was arrested.

The Spearhead

The accident appeared to have happened on the eastbound side of the road just past the corner of Weald Avenue and opposite the top of Aldrington Avenue.

The road was closed for more than five hours for almost half a mile between the bottom of Holmes Avenue and the traffic light crossroads at Nevill Road and Sackville Road.

One shopkeeper, who declined to be named, said that while he had enormous sympathy for the victim of the crash, several businesses had lost an afternoon’s trade because of the unnecessarily long stretch of road closed.

The car park of Homebase and the new Barker and Stonehouse car park were both deserted despite being some way from the crash scene.

Sussex Police said: “Police are investigating a road traffic accident which occurred at 1.14pm on the A270 Old Shoreham Road in Hove when an 86-year-old female was in collision with a black Toyota car.

“The female sustained serious injuries and was sadly pronounced dead at the scene.

“Her next of kin have been made aware.

“The 39-year-old driver of the Celica has been arrested for offences and police are appealing for witnesses.”

  1. Hayley Reply

    Nice one shop keeper! complain about your earnings when a life has been lost! No wonder you wished to remain anonymous

    • Annette Reply

      Shop keeper should be ashamed of himself.

      • Tom Reply

        Why? It’s not his fault, due to an unfortunate event that doesn’t involve him, he has sustained losses to his business. Anyway,if you read the article, it says the shopkeeper is sympathetic to the victim and was actually complaining about the unnecessary long stretch of road closed, which is more or less a complaint directed towards the police

  2. jim Reply

    Police were really good they let me into my workshop which was inside the area twice without issue, I cannot see a shopkeeper complaining because they don’t get passing trade unless it was one of the big guys like Homebase or Barker, the small shops all were getting people walking in,

  3. Renny Reply

    I would like to know if it was the same car doing donuts in the Homebase car park the night before. About 9pm if anyone wishes to look at any cctv!

    • Jon Reply

      Renny be a good sport and pass that along to Sussex Police’s non emergency contact centre. That could amount to something worthwhile in a prosection.

  4. Katie Jones Reply

    Such sad news, thoughts are with her family and friends. I was in barker and Stonehouse and they all seemed very concerned about anyone hurt 😢

  5. Derek Reply

    RIP to the Lady and Condolences to the family! I happened to get caught in the aftermath of traffic the Police Ambulance were already there the Fire engine came up behind me. The Police were well organised and detours I believe we’re swiftly in place. I had left by then going via knowledge regarding and via Hove park! It is about time people started to show appreciation to our Emergency Services instead of finding fault all the time ! My heart goes out to the Family of the poor Lady and the Emergency Services who have had to witness the aftermath of the incident. God bless them all

  6. natalie Reply

    The shopkeeper of this shop, ought to be ashamed of his comment,,,disgusting, someones mother, grandmother auntie, …money does not replace a life…disgusted by your comment, and your business will probably get no sales whatsoever after such a disgusting, disrespectful, heartless comment…shame on you…Thinking of the family who has endured such a loss, god bless xxx

    • Alfie Noakes Reply

      It seem the shopkeepers comment was not directed at the victim, if you read the article and don’t jump on the super sensitive “I am offended social justice warrior” bandwagon that seems so fashionable these days, you may realise that. It wasn’t the shopkeeper’s fault after all.

      It was probably not possible to create any other diversion than they did or close any less of the road off due to the road layout. So the shopkeeper may have been misguided in their opinion that less road could be closed.

      Do you know the victim or family? If you do then I could possibly
      understand your ire towards the shopkeeper, but if you don’t then read, compute and understand what you are reading before assumption leads you to comments that could affect someone’s livelihood.
      Wishing ill on the shopkeeper’s future trade is a bit pathetic, they have a right to their opinion, they had a right to criticise the way the emergency was dealt with.
      It was the car driver that collided with her that should be the focus of your ire.

      May the lady rest in peace and her family be strong through such difficult times, my heart is with you.

  7. Jane Reply

    No wonder the shop keeper didn’t want to be named!! What an insensitive, selfish idiot!! So sorry for the lady who had her life snuffed out by the driver, await to hear his reason. Deepest sympathy to the family x

  8. Julia worgan Reply

    The reason the road has to be shut for so long is because traffic police have to work the speed in which he was driving and take measurements etc they’re not called traffic police for nothing. How would the shop keeper feel if this was his wife, child etc. Yes his bust was affected but at the end of the day the police have to get an accurate account of what happened. My sympathies go out to the woman and her family at this time

  9. Gary Reply

    I can tell you now barker and stone house did not complain at all . What happened was very sad and our thoughts go out the the family of the lady .

  10. Lee Reply

    The shopkeeper is clearly a self important and selfish idiot. I wonder if he’d be complaining if it were his mother killed in the accident? 🤔

  11. Louise Reply

    Looking at the position of the car and damage I’d say she stepped out. Old shoreham road is a terrible road and needs safety measures as a matter of urgency. I’ve written to Sussex Safer roads and the Council, but nothing. How many more need to die? RIP ma’am.

    • Luke Reply

      Yes Louise, looking at a single photo I can also come to a completely uninformed conclusion based upon a long career in speculation. Neither you or I have the faintest idea about that which we are talking, but feel free to continue guessing wildly.

  12. jason myers Reply

    i agree with the shopkeeper, while my condolences are with the family, i as a motor trader needed to rescue a woman broken down in homebase estate, police would not let me in even though it was no were near the accident, i lost a customer and money that my business cant afford to lose, the police should have realised that the homebase area was not affected but they are to busy trying to show off there authority.

  13. John Reply

    If only you self righteous idiots would learn to read and understand what you read

  14. Jacqueline Reply

    Sadly the accident happened moments before we pulled up. We turned around and detour ed but didn’t go far enough along, whilst waiting for the police to divert us I sat watching the paparmedic valiantly giving cpr to the victim. The look of anguish and determination on the paramedics face will haunt me for a long time to come. When we saw the helicopter arrive I was hopeful she had been successful in her valiant attempts to save the victim. Sadly not. Condolences to the family and thoughts to that amazing female paramedic.

  15. Freddie Reply

    Given the reaction of some people, I can understand why the shopkeeper asked to remain anonymous. He expressed his sympathy for the victim but lost five hours’ trade because a long stretch of road was closed unnecessarily. Several other firms also lost trade. I bet the council doesn’t waive the equivalent in business rates though. And I bet the landlord won’t waive the rent. And staff still have to be paid and so do all the other bills whether he sells anything in that time or not, waiting and not knowing when customers would once again be allowed back. A friend tried to get to Homebase but said he was turned back by a PCSO who said she didn’t know what was happening or why she couldn’t let anyone through. I know it can be a hard job but poor communication – sometimes amounting to downright rudeness – doesn’t help. Anyone on a tape like that, blocking a main road, should be able to explain why, in a free country, someone can’t go past and they should do so in a courteous manner. RIP Cathy Akehurst.

  16. Veronica Sullivan Reply

    I arrived moments after the accident, it was extremely upsetting and still remains very sad. Members of the public helped the injured lady & panic was obvious! I do remember thinking the over turned car could have exploded at any time & the police were right to stop the traffic for fear of other injuries. The police & Fire brigade are here for our protection & I wonder why the public do not appreciate the services we have. God Bless that poor lady & her family & those complaining about the shop keeper should remember he must have been in shock & sometimes we say things were not conscious of at the time. No normal human would put business before the loss of someone.

  17. James Reply

    Veronica I think you’re confusing two accidents on the same road. This is about the death of a pedestrian in 2017, not the overturned car last week.

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