Another big donation pushes Madeira Terraces crowdfunder over £300k mark

Posted On 14 Nov 2017 at 3:01 pm

The Madeira Terraces crowdfunder has just passed the £300,000 mark with another big donation from a Brighton Marina developer, bringing the total to almost 3/4 of the target with just 17 days to go.

Brighton Marina from the top of the Madeira Terraces. Picture by Simon Carey on Creative Commons

Property developers Landsec pledged £15,000 to the appeal this lunchtime, pushing the tally to £309,912. This follows another donation of £25,000 four days ago from PMC Construction.

And Brighton and Hove News understands more big donations may be in the pipeline.

Most of the total pledged so far has been in donations of more than £2,000 from companies – apart from one anonymous donation of £10,000 and £5,000 from Brighton Pier boss Luke Johnson.

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To make a pledge, click here.

  1. MegA Reply

    There is no need for such a fund raising drive – just spend our money responsibly. Spending two-and-a-half-times the going rate to build four council houses for £1.2 million in Rotherfield Crescent, Hollingbury is an example of what bleeds this city of funds needed for projects like Madeira Terraces. The houses will not even be worth that on the open market. The irresponsibility and carelessness with which BHCC spends taxpayers’ money verges on corrupt.

  2. Cllr Warren Morgan Reply

    New council homes are built using money from the Housing Revenue Account, which can’t by law be spent on anything else.
    Our new council homes cost more because developers have economies of scale, because ours have better space standards, are built to keep fuel bills at a minimum, and are built to accommodate people with disabilities and older people with long-term needs. All of this reduces cost to the tenant and the taxpayer. Council tenants deserve and need decent homes.
    Before you start throwing accusations of “corruption” around, check your facts.

  3. Cllr Warren Morgan Reply

    New council homes are paid for using the Housing Revenue Account, which can’t be spent on anything else by law.
    Our new homes have more space than private developments, are built to keep fuel bills to a minimum, and to accommodate people with disabilities or older people with long term needs.
    This saves money for the tenants and the taxpayer.
    Private developers build at scale on easier sites – cheaper.
    We will build decent homes for people on lower incomes.
    Please check your facts before making assumptions and throwing allegations about corruption.

    • rolivan Reply

      Perhaps you need to put the work out to tender so that smaller local builders could benefit.Surely a row of 4 houses cannot cost that much even if the rooms are bigger.Westridge get enough work.Again the Secret Society get to work in the Council Committee I thought it was going to be a transparent Admin it is working out to be not even translucent.

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