‘Explosion’ at Brighton Station was blown fuse, police say

Posted On 11 Dec 2017 at 5:47 pm

A loud bang which sent sparks flying over the platform and passengers at Brighton Station was a fuse blowing underneath a train, police said this afternoon.

Worried commuters contacted police after hearing the bang, which some described as an explosion, at about 9.35am this morning.

But after checking with officers based at the station, British Transport Police confirmed it was just a blown fuse.

One passenger, Joe Davin, said: “I was directly outside the train when it happened. I was covered in sparks and I’m still experiencing hearing loss in my right ear.”

Another tweeted this morning: “Something just went bang at Brighton station. Hope it was just a train playing up. I did see some smoke.

And a third said: “Big bang as I left #Brighton station this morning followed by plume of smoke. Looked like an engine backfire or something.”

But British Transport Police reassured concerned passengers this morning via Twitter. They said: “We have checked with officers in Brighton and can confirm the loud noise was made by a fuse blowing on the underside of a train. They double checked – nothing to worry about!”

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