Tenants in Brighton and Hove work for 12 days a month just to pay the rent

Posted On 16 Jan 2018 at 12:05 am

Tenants in Brighton and Hove work on average for 12 days a month just to pay the rent, according to new research.

Only people renting privately in Gloucester have to work for longer each month to reach “rent freedom day”.

In London higher incomes enable tenants to afford the rent slightly sooner – after working for 11 days.

The lowest figure for a town or city of any size was for Derby where “rent freedom day” comes after six days.

On average, the researchers said, Britain’s ten million tenants who rent privately need to work for 11 days, or about 40 per cent of the month, to pay their accommodation costs and reach “rent freedom day” on the 12th.

The research was carried out by Credit Ladder, a business that handles rent payments so that tenants can count punctual payments towards a positive credit score.

The firm said: “This means the day when they have finished paying their rent and can start paying for basics such as food, transport and energy bills is the 12th of every month or ‘rent freedom day’.

“It takes another two and a half days each month to pay for these basics on top of the rent.

“This highlights the monthly burden that many of the UK’s tenants shoulder while trying to earn enough money to pay their rent.”

Credit Ladder chief executive Sheraz Dar said: “It’s clear that rent eats up a shockingly high proportion of people’s wages even though for many renting privately it is the only option.

“Our research also highlights the big differences in rental affordability up and down the nation which can vary at its most extreme by up to seven days.”

  1. Patrik Reply

    This is not true at all mostly in Brighton you work minimum 3weeks to pay you rent if lucky

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