Driver flees scene after supercar hits pedestrians and smashes into Brighton estate agents

Posted On 28 Mar 2018 at 10:19 pm

By Eddie Mitchell

Two pedestrians were injured – one seriously – after being hit by a supercar before it smashed into a Brighton estate agents this evening.

The driver of the blue Maserati 3200 fled the scene after the crash which happened at around 9.30pm – at the same spot where several pedestrians were injured in a late-night smash last month.

The car ended up wedged into the front of Fox and Sons, near Norfolk Square, on the north side of the road. One witness said that he heard the car racing along the road followed by a couple of bangs.

He also said that the road was often used “as a racetrack” by high-powered vehicles, adding this was the ninth similar incident this year.

By Eddie Mitchell

A Sussex Police spokeswoman said: “Police were called to Western Road in Hove at around 9.30pm. A Maserati car had collided with two pedestrians and a shop, Fox and Sons.

“The pedestrians were taken to hospital for treatment. Police are trying to trace the driver of the car who left the scene.

“Anyone who witnessed the collision or saw the vehicle in the area before the crash should contact Sussex Police quoting incident 1198 of 28 March.”

The two pedestrians were a 34-year-old woman from Hove, who sustained slight injuries, and a 25-year-old woman from Hove, who sustained serious injuries. Both were taken to the Royal Sussex County Hospital in Brighton for treatment.

Buses were diverted around the crash scene while emergency services were at work.

One of the “no entry” signs at the bottom of Borough Street was completely flattened by the force of the crash.

It happened just yards away from another late-evening smash last month, in which a car mounted a pavement and hit several people before crashing into a phone box on the other side of Western Road.

Several pedestrians were taken to the Royal Sussex with minor injuries after the incident on Friday 9 February at about 10.40pm.

A man was arrested for driving offences, Sussex Police said at the time.

By Mena Melad

  1. Karen Clark Reply

    I was stood on the corner of Church Road and Wilbury Road between 9.15pm and 9.30pm and saw that car driving exceedingly fast in the direction of Norfolk square. I couldn’t say what make of car if was but it was dark in colour. I commented to my friend that it was an accident waiting to happen!

  2. N Barnett Reply

    If the police did the job that taxpayers pay them to do (i.e. patrol the streets and not sit on their backsides in offices) they would have seen this lunatic breaking the law and arrested him/her before he/she injured two innocent pedestrians.

  3. Chris Reply

    Hope the injured recover OK.

    I often see seemingly young drivers in powerful cars, looking as if they’re only just in control. Not sure how (if) they afford the insurance but maybe a compulsory driver training in car control is needed as an adjunct to the driving test. When I was in my teens and twenties I couldn’t afford to insure much (Austin A35, Wolseley 1500, Ford Prefect, etc), but I went to a skid pan at Goodwood to learn how to manage loss of traction and that stood me in good stead over 60 years of driving.

  4. Daniel Harris Reply

    When I lived in the area there were always supercars parked up at the bars whist the owners disappear.

    Why would you flee the scene? If you are able to run away, you are able to get out of your car and help the poor people you hit.

    Sussex Police should make an example to deter others. Yuppy Brighton and Hove Culture. The socialites think they are above the law.

    Thank god a poor rough sleeper didn’t get hurt or injured.

    Keep on at the police with the one Brighton and Hove News!

    • MikeV Reply

      People sometimes flee the scene when they know they are over the limit. They then stay at a friend’s overnight (in case the police visit their registered address) and do not go to the police until they feel the risk of them being over the limit has passed. It avoids an automatic, one-year ban.

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