Most Brighton and Hove passengers use Britain’s most unpopular railway stations

Posted On 08 May 2018 at 4:51 am

Most passengers from Brighton and Hove travel to some of the most unpopular railway stations in the country.

A survey of stations placed Brighton 35th out of 56, with 83 per cent of customers saying that they were satisfied.

The top 10 least satisfactory stations included Gatwick Airport, Clapham Junction and Victoria.

East Croydon was just outside the top 10 poor performers while London Bridge was also less satisfactory than Brighton.

Just 66 per cent of customers said that they were satisfied with Gatwick Airport Station. Only Glasgow Queen Streets fared worse.

Gatwick was small and cramped with long queues for tickets and overcrowding on platforms, according to one passenger.

Another passenger said that it was an appalling welcome to Britain.

An overhaul is planned which will add a couple of platforms and allow more space for passengers.

Clapham Junction was 53rd out of 56, with 69 per cent of passengers saying that they were satisfied.

Victoria was also in the 10 least satisfying stations – ranked 50 out of 56 – with 72 per cent of passengers giving it the thumbs up.

The survey was carried out last autumn by the independent watchdog Transport Focus which received more than 28,000 responses. It ranked the 56 stations which were mentioned by at least 100 respondents.

Just below Brighton for satisfaction, recently refurbished London Bridge was ranked 37th and rated ok by 81 per cent.

Meanwhile East Croydon was 45th in the table, with 77 per cent of customers satisfied.

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