Hundreds oppose plan to replace Hove house with flats

More than 200 people have objected to plans to replace a house with flats in Shirley Drive, Hove.

Plans for the house on the corner of The Droveway and Shirley Drive, Hove, involve demolishing the existing building to make way for ten flats.

Concerns range from an increase in traffic and parking problems to the size of the building and loss of light.

Hove Park ward Councillor Vanessa Brown, a Conservative, wrote: “The greatest concern is that allowing a block of flats to be built in the middle of a residential area where there are no flats at all could set a dangerous precedent for the future.

“If this application should be recommended to be passed, I would request that it goes before the Planning Committee for decision.”

In her letter she said that there were no flats in either Shirley Drive or The Droveway, describing the plans as a complete overdevelopment of the site.

A nearby resident, who asked not to be identified, said: “There are many cars and vans around. It is dangerous to cross the road.

“Lots of people are talking about traffic accidents.”

He added: “Surely the objections to this application from over 200 local residents should not be ignored by this committee.”

Hove Civic Society is supporting the plans as it wants to see more flats in the area but described the design as disappointing.

As part of the application, the developer is asked for £8,100 towards sustainable transport such as dropped kerbs and bus stop improvements in Shirley Drive.

The development would include four one-bedroom and five two-bedroom flats and one with three bedrooms.

The scheme includes 10 parking spaces, including one disabled parking space, as well as 10 bicycle parking spaces.

The application for outline planning permission is due to be discussed by the Brighton and Hove City Council Planning Committee tomorrow (Wednesday 18 July).

The meeting is scheduled to start at 1pm at Hove Town Hall and should be open to the public.

  1. rolivan Reply

    When are people going to realise that things aren’t what they used to be.Back in the 60s I used to do a lot of work around there and they were mostly owned by the very wealthy, well by my standards anyway.Now they appear to be occupied by people from all walks of life who have obviously done well for themselves as I see lots of Trades Vehicles parked up day and night.
    I would think a lot of those have made their money off of the back of the property boom.One Councillor who lives nearby owns 5 properties in the City.
    Now that a lot of the Family homes in other parts of the City have been developed it has now become necessary to do the same everywhere possible.
    Brighton and Hove is very fortunate in that it has warded off side by side huge tower blocks back to the Old Shoreham rd Has happens in a lot of Seaside Resorts the World over.
    I am afraid that if you do not like it you will have to either move or put up with the need to build more.

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