Neighbours oppose extra floor for Hove block of flats

Neighbours have sent 34 letters opposing plans for an extra floor on flats in Hove.

Plans for the third floor of the Spirit building in Stoneham Road, next to the old Maynards Sweet Factory development, were originally before planners in July 2017.

Concerns were raised last year about the application as it is the third time plans for an extra floor were submitted for the site.

Previous applications were refused due to the impact on the Sweet Factory, listed as a heritage asset, and overbearing on 33 and 35 Marmion Road.

According to the new report going before Brighton and Hove City Council Planning Committee on Wednesday (12 August), previous issues have been addressed.

However, after sending 17 letters last year, neighbours have sent a further 17 letters objecting to the plans since Sunday 5 August.

Concerns include parking, overlooking and the impact on the Sweet Factory.

One anonymous online objection said: “There is already a huge problem with parking in this area and originally the flats at 80a were supposed to not include parking permits and now that isn’t the case.

“Getting back from work and finding a parking space (even in adjacent streets) is very problematic during the week and this will only add to the problems further.”

Another online comment said: “Does anyone making the decisions have any idea how difficult it is to park around here after about 7pm?

“The idea of increasing the number of permits issued is ludicrous.”

Another said: “The structure that has already been erected on this site is an abomination that is completely out of keeping with the area.

“To allow another storey on top of the ugly building that has already been erected, and which has already had a detrimental effect on the Sweet Factory would be grossly inappropriate.”

Neighbours have support from the Labour MP for Hove, Peter Kyle, and Wish ward Conservative councillor Robert Nemeth.

The application is due to be discussed on Wednesday 12 August from 2pm at Hove Town Hall when Councillor Nemeth is expected to speak against the proposal.


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