Council says sorry for missed bin collections across Brighton and Hove

Posted On 17 Aug 2018 at 9:09 pm

A sustained spell of missed rubbish collections prompted an apology from Brighton and Hove City Council today (Friday 17 August).

The council recognises there are a lot of missed collections taking place throughout the city at this time and we apologise for the terrible inconvenience this is causing our residents and businesses.

The problems are mainly being caused by a temporary shortage of drivers and collectors due to annual leave and sudden sickness.

These kind of staff shortages are normally covered by agency staff. However, even the agencies are finding it difficult to provide us with properly trained and qualified people.

The staff we do have at present are working very hard to get things back to normal as soon as possible and, although we know it’s extremely frustrating, we ask for people to bear with us and we’ll resolve these issues.

If your recycling was missed on the last collection day and is due this week, please ensure everything is correctly separated and placed kerbside.

We update our website daily with information on collections and the page also gives advice on the best ways to contact Cityclean, make complaints or inform us of missed collections, overflowing communal bins or to request a street clean.

Please be assured that online forms that are sent to us via the website are passed directly to our operations team which then assigns crews and street cleansing operatives to the specific location.

  1. Valerie Reply

    Expect staff shortages to accelerate and for agencies to struggle to fill gaps to ever greater levels. There is nothing anyone can do either.

    Renal outpatients lost 8 nurses all at once this summer at RSCH. An ad for 5 level 4-5 nurses produced just 2 applicants. The reason? Nobody can afford to live here.

    Same cost of housing as London now, but without London’s weighting allowance – is it any wonder people choose London over Brighton? That is what the senior nurse who placed the ad said to me.

    So all of you out there scrambling up the property ladder and politicians who encouraged it, you created runaway house price inflation so you could make money out of house-trading and buy to let, over the last 30 off years and you created this situation which is breaking the infrastructure system now.

    It can only get worse because nobody has the guts to kill the house price inflation ENEMY!

  2. Kim Reply

    Looks like you are blaming the wrong people here. The true problem is employees not paying a living wage. NHS needs to stop paying agencies and locums crazy wages and start paying their staff decent amounts. Companies need to realise they can’t keep paying low wages as less peole are coming here so less cheap labour

    • Valerie Reply

      I did say London weighting drew people to prefer a London job and now we are on a cost par, this area REQUIRES weighting allowances to be added to wages.

      Three of the nurses who left were retiring and it is really only those securely housed from before the millenium who can afford to consider applying. As nurses inevitably continue to retire who will replace them?

      Only Londoners cashing in their silly house price inflation profits can afford to move here now.

  3. Ken Reply

    What about a partial refund on Council Tax whilst they resolve these problems. The streets are filthy where we live in Kemptown. Fines for dog owners who do clear up their mess. I notice the area around the BA tower is always clean and there is never an overflow of rubbish there!

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