KidTalk Review: CSI – Crime Scene Improvisation

CSI: Crime Scene Improvisation, The Chandeliers. The Warren, 11 May 2019

Ted, 13: “Crime scene improvisation was, to put it simply, fun and witty. The actors concocted an interesting and hilarious story and made some very professional saves. The fact that you ( the audience) got to decide on the victim’s name, job and what had killed them, made it feel really unique because you realised that there was no way that that exact show would ever be performed again. One thing that stood out to me was when all the suspects lined up and we got to ask them questions. They came up with amazing answers! Overall the show was funny, smart and one that took real talent”

Jem, 13: “It was very smooth, as if it had been rehearsed, and very engaging with the audience. The parts where the audience had input were the most entertaining, especially the character-building questions. For example, getting everyone to shout out their name at the same time, and giving whatever jumbled mess the actors heard from that to name the audience (our was called ‘Scrub’!)

Although the cast occasionally dropped the ball, they quickly picked it up again. I enjoyed it – and would happily watch it again.”

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