Vegan protesters swap pig masks for chicken masks as they target Nando’s

Posted On 23 May 2019 at 3:01 pm

A troupe of hardline vegan demonstrators swapped their pig masks for chicken masks last night when they stormed Brighton Nando’s.

About a dozen activists showed diners in the Duke Street restaurant  footage of a chicken farm investigation on tablets, laptops and phones.

However, staff largely ignored the demonstration, and many of the diners simply laughed.

The demonstrators said they were taking part in a week of action dubbed Occupy Nando’s. Images of the protest were posted online by the vegan group, Direct Action Everywhere, which has staged similar protests in other Brighton restaurants, including last week’s McDonald’s demo.

They said: “The aim of the action was to disrupt the customer’s meals and to draw attention to the violence and suffering that went into it.

“We know that people don’t like to be exposed to the truth of their food, especially while they are eating it, but what these animals go through is unacceptable and we cannot ignore that so many innocent beings are suffering this very second.”

They said the police were called but did not arrive.

During the speech, an activist stated: “A chicken is an individual. A living, thinking, feeling being. A chicken can feel distress, and recognise stress in others. A chicken can feel empathy for others too. Shouldn’t we, as human beings, show empathy for these suffering individuals?”

A spokesman for Nando’s said: ““We can confirm that there was a small organised disturbances in one of our Brighton restaurants on Wednesday night and we are sorry for those customers who had their meals interrupted.

“We worked with the local police to minimise any disruption in a peaceful way and allow our customers to enjoy their meal and have a great night.”

  1. Jason Reply

    Who is funding this semi-terrorist group? Could it be the same people that fund the climate hysteria?

    These arrogant self-righteous groups of hooligans seldom appear spontaneously, even among the worst weirdos Brighton can come up with. Their fake “protests” are clearly organised and funded from a central source.

  2. Jay316 Reply

    Probably the snowflake party. Time real vegans stood up and condemed this behaviour in their name.

    Maybe time to put on my leather jacket, Mr potato head mask and protested at vegan restaurants about all the animals that will die as a result of their food (and yeah plants breath air) being killed for food.

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