Hundreds of climate activists march through Brighton

Posted On 24 May 2019 at 1:00 pm

From @Strike4YouthBH on Twitter

Hundreds of schoolchildren were joined by other demonstrators for the latest Youth Strike march through Brighton calling for more action on climate change.

Buses were diverted and traffic delayed as the throng assembled in Churchill Square and then made their way down to the seafront.

From @Strike4YouthBH on Twitter

Brighton Pavilion MP Caroline Lucas was amongst those speaking at the event in support of the Youth Strike movement.

by Emma Cameron

by Emma Cameron

by Emma Cameron

The two previous Youth Strike marches, inspired by the example of 15-year-old Swedish student Greta Thunberg, took place in Brighton on 15 February and 15 March.

An estimated 3,000 people took part in the second demonstration.

  1. P R A Malin Reply

    How many of these children have parents who repair their clothes or knit them jumpers. How many catch the bus or walk to school every day. How many of them have foreign holidays flying in aircraft that helps to pollute our skies. Climate change starts with personal changes not preaching to everyone about their faults. Unless you are doing utmost to follow what you ask others to do you cannot preach.

    • hannah Reply

      Thats the whole point TO MAKE THE PARENTS MAKE A CHANGE

  2. Jo Reply

    So? They’re making a point,spreading a message, not preaching, you’re the one who sounds like they’re preaching!
    My daughter was there, it’s her future, am v proud. (she took the train).

  3. Random Local Reply

    Waste of time. Won’t make a difference. Should be a playing sport or studying.

    • hannah Reply

      At least they are doing something. How bout u get off ur ass and do something then 🖕

  4. Joe Stains Reply

    Headline SHOULD read ‘Thousand of school children bunk-off for the day, later to be collected by mummy in the Volvo…’

    There, fixed it for you…

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