Love for Lauren Reigns Supreme – Sunday at Love Supreme 2019

Posted On 11 Jul 2019 at 3:44 pm
Despite the slow start to Sunday at Love Supreme, mostly due to the chillier weather and occasional drizzle, the day soon picked up and for me was really kicked off by Mahalia, with her light and cheerful set and friendly chatter.
As the weather took a turn for the better, so did the atmosphere and there was an air of excited anticipation for Ms. Lauryn Hill – one only increased by the undeniably talented DJ Reborn and her support set.
Despite a slight apprehension after recent reports, I needn’t have worried as Lauryn Hill delivered a set entirely worthy of her reputation. Whilst some may have been put off by the altered melodies of many of her iconic songs, the atmosphere she brought to the stage was incredible and my overwhelming feeling was one of being in the presence of a legend.
In a crowd of majority older listeners, ones for whom Lauryn Hill has been listening material for 20 years, the younger generation held their own and mutters of ‘Do they even know who Lauryn Hill is?’ were soon proven wrong as we demonstrated exactly how her music has transcended generations, still affecting people 20 years later, and in fact a fundamental part of our musical education.
Post-Lauryn Hill, and still fuelled by the energy she provided, the Blue and Green tent provided a night of dancing in an overwhelmingly teenage environment. Tru Thoughts’ 3 hour set featuring Robert Luis made it a night to remember. It’s just a shame it couldn’t have gone on longer. Here’s to the music and the love – reigning Supreme!

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