Dorothy Stringer head delighted with students’ GCSE success

Posted On 22 Aug 2019 at 11:34 am

Dorothy Stringer head Richard Bradford said that he was delighted with the success of his students as they celebrated above average GCSE results.

Richard Bradford

The school said: “We are delighted with yet another successful year for our students at GCSE.

“The key measure of success for students is ‘progress 8’. This measure compares the progress of all students in eight key subjects with their peers nationally and hence is the best measure of the success of every student.

“Our provisional figures for 2019 give a predicted progress 8 of 0.18, meaning that students are, on average, achieving higher than their peers nationally.

“This figure increases to 0.33 for students whose attendance was at least 50 per cent, meaning that they achieved a third of a grade per subject higher than nationally.”

Another key measure was the school’s “attainment 8” score which averages the achievement of the 322 GCSE candidates this year across a range of up to eight subjects, including maths, English, sciences, languages and the humanities.

The school’s score was an above average 53.69. Last year the highest “attainment 8” score in state schools in a local education area was 58 while the lowest was 35.2.

The school said

  • The number of students achieving a grade 5 or higher in both English and maths has increased to 59 per cent. The figure for grade 4 or higher was 78 per cent.
  • The number of students achieving grade 5 or higher in maths has risen to 63 per cent of students – and for grade 4 or higher it was 80 per cent. English results remained strong at 77 per cent achieving grade 5 or higher and 87 per cent achieving grade 4 or higher.
  • 30 per cent all results were grade 7 or higher and more than two thirds were grade 5 or higher.
  • More than 200 grade 9s – the highest grade – were achieved, an increase of 35 per cent on last year.
  • More than 70 students achieved eight or more GCSEs at grade 7 or higher, with eight students gaining 8 or more GCSEs at grade 9 or equivalent – described by the school as “an outstanding achievement”.
  • More than 100 students in year 9 also took GCSEs two years early, mostly in French, with over half achieving a grade 7 and 87 per cent achieving a grade 5 or higher.

Head teacher Richard Bradford, who is due to retire before the new term starts, said: “I am once again delighted with the success of our students who are celebrating excellent personal academic achievements in this year’s GCSE examinations.

“The results reflect the hard work and commitment of our students and staff.

Aibhlinn Carroll and Ruby Duck

“I am incredibly proud of our students this year – they have been a wonderful year group who have challenged themselves to do their very best.

“They have also become confident, happy, thoughtful and considerate young people who can take great pride in their achievements.

Darla Warriner

“As I leave Dorothy Stringer this year, I would also like to thank the staff, parents and the wider community who have done so much to support our students over the last few years.

“I know that without this support the students would not have achieved so much academic and personal success.

“I hope that for the students their time at our school has been a happy one and they will have wonderful memories to look back on.

Chloe Neeson and Noah Joubert

“We wish them the best of luck as they go on to the next stage in their lives.”

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