Rocky pop-folkers Bear’s Towers are heading to town

Posted On 23 Oct 2019 at 12:12 am

Bear’s Towers are heading to Brighton & Hove

Offering up nothing but absolute power with a pop-folk mix with rocky edges, accompanied with a sprinkling of electronic orchestrations, Bear’s Towers are an interesting act that have suddenly come up on our radar.

The quartet hail from south-eastern France and are made up of Aurélien Pinget (vocals/guitar), Nathan Karraoui (guitar), Olivier Hudry (bass) and Tommy Karraoui (drums), they have recently released their single ‘The River’, watch the video HERE.

Last May the guys released their 10-trackKyma album, which was preceded by their Aimless Wanderer single, and in 2017, their 12-tuneNever Alone long player was unleashed on an unsuspecting public.

The good news is that in the next day or so they will be leaving home and heading across from France to perform half a dozen intimate shows here in the UK and they will be playing in Brighton & Hove on Tuesday 29th October at the Back Beat Bar & Basement, which is located at 5 & 6 Western Road, Hove, BN3 1AE. Purchase your tickets HERE.

You can listen to Bear’s Towers on Soundcloud and also Spotify and purchase some of their material HERE.

For their Hove concert they will be supported by Linus De Ferrari and TYDL.

Linus De Ferrari

Linus De Ferrari is a multi-instrumentalist singer-songwriter based in Brighton. His passion for music and poetry started when he was just a little kid and got amplified when he decided to move to England from the Italian countryside.Ever since he’s collaborated with many incredible artists for covers and original projects. His music aims to narrate struggles and joy of everyday’s life through the warm sound of acoustic guitars and harmonies. The range of his influences is wide, due to a strong appreciation of every way music manifests itself, but mainly orientated on acoustic indie music and drum and bass.


TYDL are a Brighton based band that fuse pop, alternative and rock to create their unique sound.The chemistry of the band is easily seen in their energetic live performances where audience engagement is a main focus of the TYDL live experience.

Tour flyer

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