It’s about Brexit and what’s best for Britain

Posted On 01 Nov 2019 at 12:10 am

The Prime Minister has fired the starting gun on a general election and he’s got every reason to do so.

Some people have accused Boris Johnson of gambling recklessly but there’s the pressing problem of Brexit to resolve and it seems as though only an election will break the impasse.

The British people spoke loud and clear in the referendum more than three years ago.

But you could be forgiven for thinking that this Parliament is ignoring the biggest exercise in direct democracy that this country has ever known.

Already here in Brighton and Hove the Conservatives have chosen two excellent candidates.

In Hove the party picked Robert Nemeth who was re-elected to the council in May and already knows his way around at Westminster.

Robert worked in Parliament for Michael Gove as well as for Hove’s former Conservative MP Mike Weatherley who stood down in 2015.

In Brighton Kemptown the party has picked Joe Miller, another councillor who was re-elected in May.

Joe has impressed people across the political spectrum since he became Brighton and Hove’s youngest ever councillor and has already chaired a key committee – the Audit and Standards Committee – holding the council’s most senior officers to account.

And while they’ll be fighting an election that, first and foremost, is about getting Brexit done, there is so much more than that.

As Conservatives, we want a thriving economy to fund things like the NHS which, no matter what our political opponents may claim, we care about and cherish.

We want the highest standards in our state schools, more police and for everyone to have a home of their own.

Although Brexit has taken up a lot of our time and attention over the past few years, much of the blame can be laid at the door of those who refuse to respect the result of the referendum.

Boris Johnson will get Brexit done but he has already shown that our party has plans for so much more.

And Robert, Joe and my Conservative colleagues on the council support him because we care about not just the big issues but the things that matter in the heart of our community too.

Councillor Steve Bell is the leader of the Conservatives on Brighton and Hove City Council.

  1. Ben Reply


    More Tory Codswallop.

    You’ve been running the country for NINE years and yet you’re still blaming Labour and everybody else for Tory failures over nearly a decade.

    You can’t blame Labour (and no I don’t vote Labour) for the banking crisis, as those policies were the result of both Conservative and Labour Governments in deregulation of the financial sector.
    In fact Labour had a balanced budget I seem to remember, with national debt reducing nicely until the 2008 crash.

    The Tories in my opinion have now turned into the Brexit Party with the well known (Conservative central office were warning constituency offices about it) influx of UKIP supporters to local party groups.

    The Tory front bench is full of nasty right wing Brexiteers like Gove, Johnson (what whoppers is he coming out with this week – we’ve already had “no conservative Prime Minister would ever have a border down the Irish Sea”), Priti Patel (sacked by May for discussing trade policy outside her brief with the Israelis, Dominic Raab (sacked by May) for allegedly leaking secrets I seem to remember!

    Any other party (apart from the Brexit Party (a limited company with no policies other than Brexit) would be better at running this country than the current total and utter clowns in Government.

    Vote Tory, vote to shaft the UK for generations to come.

    I wonder if this will stay on, or whether freedom of speech is being curtailed by this paper too?

  2. Jason Reply

    This Brexit-without-the-exit fiasco has more than adequately demonstrated the contempt politicians of ALL parties have for the people of this country.

    Why ask us what we want if they’ve got no intention of honouring the outcome? Aren’t they supposed to be public SERVANTS?

    Ever since the referendum they’ve done nothing but insult us, saying we didn’t understand the question and similar nonsense.

    Politicians openly despise the people who pay their generous salaries, and the feeling is mutual. We’re so disgusted by their refusal to carry out our wishes, and their childish behaviour in general, that I predict a record low turnout this time.

    These spoiled brats will continue to claim to rule “by the consent of the governed” though, and nothing will change unless and until we’re given the option to vote for NONE OF THE ABOVE.

    They won’t do that though because they know they’d ALL be voted out of office.

  3. Camilla Reply

    “The British people spoke loud and clear in the referendum more than three years ago.”
    Yes, and that clear message was: the country is deeply divided, and the goading that has accompanied it has done nothing but fanning the flames. It was also supposed to be an advisory referendum, but that seems to have been forgotten.
    Tories OUT. You have done so much damage, to the economy, to the nation, this is going to take generations to heal. Shame on you all, from Cameron who knew what his mates from Eton were like to all the smear stories against our european partners let alone against the EU.
    The current Tory party is full of horrible people with zero interest in the people of this country, just braying xenophobic twaddle and lining their own pockets by gambling on the pound etc.
    Shame on you.

  4. Ian Reply

    We have the lefties out in force today clearly running scared as all the polls predict a Conservative win at the next general election.

  5. John Bell Reply

    I think this government has done enough damage. Let’s have a few years of socialism, rebuild the NHS, tax a few billionaires. The crazy right wing experiment has proved one thing, it doesn’t work.

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