Wash your hands to stop coronavirus say council leaders at special press conference

Make sure you wash your hands – that was the message from council leaders at a special coronavirus press conference this afternoon.

Council leader Nancy Platts and chief executive Geoff Raw invited the cameras in to give their message of reassurance amid a spate of confirmed and potential cases of the virus in the city.

Local authorities, particular health bodies, have been criticised for the lack of information about how the spread of the virus is being combated.

This afternoon, speaking at Hove Town Hall, they discussed the good work being done by the council’s Public Health team, led by the Director of Public Health, alongside colleagues from local and national NHS services and Public Health England.

Council leader Nancy Platts said: “We thought it would be helpful to gather the media together because we know people are worried about the coronavirus.

“One of the messages we wanted to get across today is that would like everyone to practice good hygiene so we’re asking everyone in the city to make sure they’re washing their hands properly, using tissues and hand gel.

“We would like anyone who owns a public space, such as bars, cafes, restaurants, pubs, gyms, anywhere the public uses that they’re washing down equipment and surfaces regularly and adopting hygiene methods to keep people safe.”

Chief Executive Geoff Raw said: “I want to give some reassuring messages that we’re working closely with our local NHS partners, with Public Health England and we have a direct line into the chief medical officer.

“We are working together as a seamless team to manage this situation that we have in Brighton and Hove. We’re making good, steady progress.

“What is important is that the information we give is correct, consistent and responsible. If we give inconsistent and incorrect messages it can lead to more concern.”

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