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Posted On 17 Mar 2020 at 11:36 pm

I’m sure that many Brighton residents and those from surrounding areas have quite possibly at one time or another popped into Resident music store in Brighton. Some of you would have spied on the shelves brand new records with the words “Dinked Edition” on certain album front covers when browsing and thus been a tad perplexed as to what this actually means. The Brighton & Hove News Music Team investigates on your behalf……

Obviously many of you would be aware of the terminology used on ‘Match Of The Day’ to refer to a ‘soft chip method’, as in “The striker dinked the ball over the goalie and scored”, but it’s usage within the music industry may not be that clear.

So what exactly is a dinked record?
Well basically historically speaking, ‘dinking’ was (and no doubt still is) a post-manufacture change to a 7″ record to make it playable on a jukebox. In other words, the small hole in the centre of the record must be made much larger. Vinyl lovers might like to watch and flinch at this video as to how this is achieved – watch HERE.

Right then, so you are assuming that the ‘Dinked Edition’ records in Resident have bigger holes in the middle? Errr actually, no they don’t. Here’s what ‘Dinked Editions’ really are and how they came about.

What is ‘Dinked Edition’?
Simply put, it is an exclusive limited edition vinyl record, either of a brand new release or a selectively chosen classic or archival release, that is solely available to purchase from a specific group of like-minded music store retailers who have joined forces for the shared initiative.

Record Store Day in Resident music Brighton

‘Dinked’ was founded in 2018 by Brighton’s Resident, along with Drift in Totnes, Piccadilly Records in Manchester and Transmission Records in Margate, but have now expanded to no less than 24 stores right across the country. They are independent but stronger together!

The very first ‘Dinked Edition’ came out on 12th October 2018 and there have been a further 39 releases to date, with 12 more in the pipeline. Thus ‘Dinked’ now have 51 releases in their portfolio.

The ‘Dinked Editions’ so far have been a varied bunch, which no doubt reflects the varied preferred music choices of the 24 stores. The colours of these special limited editions are always a joy to beyond and thus makes them arguably instantly collectable.

Here’s the first 51 ‘Dinked Editions’ list – click on each one to see when they were released, the colour of the vinyl, the quantity produced, along with other interesting data – enjoy:

No.1 Kurt Vile – ‘Bottle It In’ (12.10.18)
No.2 John Carpenter – ‘Halloween OST’ (19.10.18)
No.3 You Tell Me – ‘You Tell Me’ (11.01.19)
No.4 Toy – ‘Happy In The Hollow’ (25.01.19)
No.5 Homeshake – ‘Helium’ (15.02.19)
No.6 Snapped Ankles – ‘Stunning Luxury’ (01.03.19)
No.7 Rozi Plain – ‘What A Boost’ (05.04.19)
No.8 Flamingods – ‘Levitation’ (03.05.19)
No.9 W. H. Lung – ‘Incidental Music’ (05.04.19)
No.10 Kevin Morby – ‘Oh My God’ (26.04.19)
No.11 Sebadoh – ‘Act Surprised’ (24.05.19)
No.12 Black Mountain – ‘Destroyer’ (24.05.19)
No.13 Black Peaches – ‘Fire In The Hole’ (17.05.19)
No.14 Cate Le Bon – ‘Reward’ (24.05.19)
No.15 Jesca Hoop – ‘Stonechild’ (05.07.19)
No.16 Babii – ‘Hiide’ (05.07.19)
No.17 Tycho – ‘Weather’ (12.07.19)
No.18 B Boys – ‘Dudu’ (26.07.19)
No.19 Blanck Mass – ‘Animated Violence Wild’ (16.08.19)
No.20 Kindness – ‘Something Like A War’ (06.09.19)
No.21 Here Lies Man – ‘No Ground To Walk Upon’ (16.08.19)
No.22 Tropical F*ck Storm – ‘Braindrops’ (23.08.19)
No.23 Moon Duo – ‘Stars Are The Light’ (27.09.19)
No.24 Comet Gain – ‘Fireraisers, Forever’ (11.10.19)
No.25 Allah Las – ‘LAHS’ (11.10.19)
No.26 Warmduscher – ‘Tainted Lunch’ (01.11.19)
No.27 Portico Quartet – ‘Memory Streams’ (04.10.19)
No.28 Mikal Cronin – ‘Seeker’ (01.11.19)
No.29 Fenella – ‘Fenella’ (01.11.19)
No.30 Dry Cleaning – ‘Sweet Princess’/’Boundary Road Snacks And Drinks’ (25.10.19)
No.31 Jeffrey Lewis & The Voltage – ‘Bad Wiring’ (01.11.19)
No.32 Smoke Fairies – ‘Darkness Brings The Wonders Home’ (31.01.20)
No.33 Squirrel Flower – ‘I Was Born Swimming’ (31.01.20)
No.34 Algiers – ‘There Is No Year’ (17.01.20)
Archive Edition No.1 The Low Anthem – ‘Oh My God, Charlie Darwin’ (29.11.19)
No.35 Douglas Dare – ‘Milkteeth’ (21.02.20)
No.36 Moses Boyd – ‘Dark Matter’ (14.02.20)
No.37 Juniore – ‘Un Deux Trois’ (24.02.20)
No.38 Nadia Reid – ‘Out Of My Province’ (06.03.20)
No.39 The Slow Readers Club – ‘The Joy Of The Return’ (expected 20.03.20)
No.40 Hinds – ‘The Prettiest Curse’ (expected 03.04.20)
No.41 Warm Digits – ‘Flight Of Ideas’ (expected 03.04.20)
No.42 The Blinders – ‘Fantasies Of A Stay At Home Psychopath’ (expected 08.05.20)
No.43 Modern Studies – ‘The Weight Of The Sun’ (expected 08.05.20)
No.44 Kelly Lee Owens – ‘Inner Song’ (expected 01.05.20)
No.45 Katie Von Schleicher – ‘Consummation’ (expected 22.05.20)
No.46 Erland Cooper – ‘Hether Blether’ (expected 29.05.20)
No.47 Once & Future Band – ‘Deleted Scenes’ (expected 10.04.20)
No.48 Thee MVPs – ‘Science Fiction’ (expected 29.05.20)
No.49 The Cool Greenhouse – ‘The Cool Greenhouse’ (expected 29.05.20)
No.50 Kate NV – ‘Room For The Moon’ (expected 21.06.20)

For further information – visit dinkededition.co.uk

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