Police car damaged in high-speed chase through Hangleton

Posted On 06 Apr 2020 at 7:01 pm

Police were understood to be searching for at least one suspect after a high-speed chase through the streets of Hangleton this afternoon (Monday 6 April).

The scene in Downland Drive just after 5pm

The police helicopter circled the area during a sustained search as dozens of officers on the ground responded too.

A Sussex Police BMW was believed to have been damaged during the incident.

And an Audi TT was reported to have been brought to a halt in Downland Drive.

One witness said that the police chased a car “bombing up Hangleton Way” up towards the top, adding: “Must have been doing at least 80mph.”

And one said: “Silver grey Audi doing almost a ton up by the green about 4.45pm. Police cars then followed.”

Another said that someone had dropped a knife at the corner of Harmsworth Crescent, by Hangleton Park, and police had collected it and put in an evidence bag.

Officers were also reported to be in Buckley Close, in Hangleton Way, along the old Dyke railway line footpath and by the scrub at the top of Downland Drive during the incident.

The chase is understood to have ended at about 5pm although officers were looking for evidence or possibly a suspect afterwards.

  1. Christopher Hawtree Reply

    Again, Harmsworth Crescent is in the news. What is going on there? So much for a “lockdown”.

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