Anti-lockdown protesters plan mass gatherings in Brighton

Posted On 14 May 2020 at 9:07 pm

An organisation is reported to be planning mass gatherings in Brighton to protest about the coronavirus lockdown.

Flyers on social media in the name of the UK Freedom Movement have been advertising similar mass gatherings around the country.

And the Daily Mail has said this evening that a number of police forces are taking the prospect seriously and weighing up how to deal with it.

One flyer said that mass gatherings were planned for Brighton Beach and Bevendean Downs on Saturday 16 May at noon.

It said: “Join the UK Freedom Movement and be part of the largest mass gathering since the lockdown.

“We say not to the coronavirus bill, no to mandatory vaccines, no to the new normal and no to the unlawful lockdown.

“Bring a picnic, some music and let’s have some fun and say yes to life.”

The Mail said: “Members of the UK Freedom Movement are among a group of ‘anti-vaxxers’ who are opposed to child vaccinations.

“Parents in the UK are the most opposed to vaccines among major European countries – with the rate of more than three times higher than in Italy, France and Spain, according to a study released last month.”

A number of parents in Brighton and Hove have campaigned against vaccines such as the MMR (measles, mumps and rubella) triple jab and the city has some of the lowest childhood vaccination rates in the UK.

  1. Jeff Reply

    Why is Brighton & Hove News sharing the time, date and location of these protests instead of obscuring the details and reporting on the story?

    • Rolivan Reply

      They will no doubt wear masks of some type which will make it difficult to identify them.I just hope they do not wear much needed PPE.Hopefully there will be video surveillance.

    • Brenda Lynch Reply

      Can’t believe it myself either. Total idiots!

  2. TOWYN Reply

    Did I just get that right?

    These people want as many other people as possible to congregate together in the midst of a pandemic?

    Only an idiot would think that was a good idea.

  3. Darran Cornwell Reply

    Hahaha a culling of the stupid and selfish.

    • TOWYN Reply

      Well if you put it like that, you’re right! It’s a bloody excellent idea… carry on covidiots!

      We’ll be reading your obituaries in a month or so from the safety of our homes.

      • Dave Reply

        Idiots.. Get them to sign a no.treatment agreement when they get infected after this demonstration.

    • Mister T Reply

      You do realise that it’s not just themselves they’ll be infecting, but countless others who don’t agree with their stupidity.

  4. S.jasmin Reply

    Please don’t do this, it might seem like lock down it pointless and yes it’s very boring , we’re all eager to get to out normal life’s but people ARE DYING from this and doing mass gatherings really aren’t going to help that . Stay safe , stay away.

  5. Shels Reply

    Behind this. Stuff the tories. Let’s get out an party. Labour labour labour

    • Red Reply

      This would force Marshall law in this case. If that’s what they want then they’ll be working ‘for’ the agenda they’re fighting against. Rediculous idea. Just trouble makers with mental health issues.

      • Alice Reply

        This is a front for Britain First. Jayda Fransen the leader of Britain First is also the director of “freedom movement” who are organising this. She may or may not still be in prison…no one should attend this, on the grounds of social distancing and on the grounds of not wanting to be associated with Britain first…

    • Tom Reply

      Even Labour has said that the lockdown measures that are in place are correct?

    • Sarah H Reply

      Labour party would be enforcing stricter lockdown rules to protect the NHS and vulnerable citizens right now, as they should be

    • Martin Reply


  6. BrightonReader Reply

    Did you do any sort of investigation before publising and adding credance to this???

    The organisers are connected to the extream right wing Britain First organisation.

    Shame on your for publicising this event which will only make more people ill.

    • Caroline Reply

      I couldn’t agree more with you.

  7. BBM Reply

    These events are organized by the far right, let them gather & hopefully they will all catch the virus & die

  8. Steve Waller Reply

    It’s that time again; The Darwin Awards.

  9. Obviously Reply

    It’s a wind up. The same flyer has been distributed around the country with the location name changed. Now the ‘organisers’ sit back giggling as social media and local newspaper comment sections foam at their collective mouths

  10. Fishwife, 49 Reply

    The organisation behind these flyers is Freedom Movement Ltd, whose sole director is Jayda Fransen.

  11. Victoria Schildkamp Reply

    Well done Argus for publicising the full details! Doh! Totally irresponsible.

  12. Vicky Schildkamp Reply

    Ps sorry for calling you the Argus!

  13. Elaine Reply

    No, Fransen has set up Freedom Movement (incorporated as a limited company) these flyers are from a group called UK Freedom Movement. Two different groups that are not affiliated but with very similar names.

  14. Simon Reply

    I am glad to have intelligence because I am staying in. Welcome to Brighton, we share it with selfish idiots

  15. roy pennington Reply

    the oxygen of publicity … the Freedom Motion Inc. is a bit of a curate’s egg … but reporting it is not the same as supporting it = glad Frank le Duc and the Brighton and Hove News are alerting the people of B&H that there will be a demo …

  16. N C Reply

    Absolute morons! Do not attend this terrible idea!

  17. Giles Reply

    Well let’s hope none of you need to use the NHS if you come down with CV19. The lockdown is more a request to give the NHS half a chance at helping those that need help.

  18. J Reply

    So meet up and say a big f you to the NHS. Absolutely disgusting. Even if it’s a joke its beyond sick.

  19. mick Reply

    I am all for free speech but this is an illegal protest and I hope it is dealt with swiftly and as aggressively as required who the hell do they think they are

  20. Danny Mcmanus Reply

    Dont like to sound like an old major but shoot the bloody lot of them.

  21. Sid Lewis Reply

    Well, love them or loathe them, they are entitled to make their protest known. It’s the nature of free speech, if gives everyone the right to speak as they want.

  22. Get a grip people Reply

    So I have a little some thing to put out there so we all stay in until theres a magic vaccine but hold up if we go back in to lock down what happens the people who cant work and do not have saving end up screwed how because the person renting there house or running there mortgage are not going to let then live there free of charge!! There for u end up with a good 25 percent of england homeless with out a doubt because things are not free and people must work and hey its a soon to be seasonal thing witch they also would of known a long time ago but hey they couldnt tell u because they would of showed them selfs up who knows this is seasonal and a mandatory vaccine will never work u lot need to get a grip free the people the rich get richer the poor get poorer

  23. Valerie Reply

    Forecast is cloudy, breezy 14 degrees for Noon Saturday (feels 13) – not that enticing compared to inland so hopefully not many will turn up

  24. Patricia Small Reply

    how many more deaths will this country have to suffer after partying because they’re bored because of lockdown.its for your own good that the government is saying STAY SAFE & STAY only took 1 and look where its ended are on about freedom think of your children and families.if you die because of selfishness it will be them who will be suffering.

  25. andrew tait Reply

    It might be worth adding that the sole director of Freedom Movememt Limited is Jayda Fransen of Britain First, the far tight terrorist group.

  26. Dumbo state Reply

    Your all scared sky news watching morons,the corona virus is a lie how stupid can you lot be to belive numbers you see on tv, YOUR NOT EVEN ILL ANY OF YOU! think about it no one’s ill anywhere, you go to the supermarket no one’s ill you come home from the supermarket no one’s ill, we’ve all been mixing with people up and down the country for months now like this and none of you replying on here is actually ill, how stupid can you get seriously..

    • James Reply

      No-one’s ill,., apart from the tens of thousands of people that are and all the dead people that were. So many absolute morons in this country. If this were a form of natural selection it might do us all a favour but, sadly, the idiots might not be the ones that suffer from their own stupidity..

    • Lisa Griffiths Reply

      Have you been anywhere near a hospital? There have been cases at the county hospital and still will be. There are countless hospital staff, all over the UK, who have died from this illness. I know two mental health nurses who have had COVID19. One was very ill but both have survived. My friend has lost two friends to this illness. Both were in their 40’s and were asthmatic. The virus is a real illness. The reason a lot of people have not caught it is because of the lock down and people keeping a distance from each other.

  27. John Reply

    One thing the comments on here show – people are divided in their opinions. Is this being done deliberately? We are in an age of hyper-misinformation. Just understand that. Please, please, tolerate other peoples’ opinions. Do not call them “morons” or “idiots”. We are one. Do not let this virus (real or not) allow us to stop caring for each other.

    • TOWYN Reply

      There are people commenting on this article who appear to genuinely believe the Coronavirus is a conspiracy theory. That their liberty has been wrongfully removed and that we should all group together and stick our fingers up at the Emergency Services, the NHS, the care workers, the supermarket and shop workers, the families and friends of those who are critically ill and of those who have died and those who are yet to fall victim. So I ask you… is that the behaviour of a people who believe ‘we are one’? Or is that the behaviour of people who refuse to show a civic duty of care to their fellow human-beings? I’m sure you mean well John and peace is the right way, however if we tolerate the crazy choices of the few, ‘we as one’ will all pay for it… perhaps with our lives. That is something the vast majority of people commenting on here understandably do not want.

    • TOWYN Reply

      *Apologies for incorrectly calling you John.

  28. deve Reply

    Nobody seems to have coomented on a huge issue – this is also in support of Anti vaccines. They should be awarded the Darwin award this year for contributing to the pinacle of stupidity as for supporting anti vac. Keep yourself and your kids away from these people.

  29. Gabriel Reply

    Oh what a tangled web we weave
    When first we practise to deceive…
    Our benighted Tory government has done a great deal to foster distrust of mainstream media as “fake news”, by its own prodigious output of lies. So we cannot altogether blame those who don’t even believe that the virus exists, let alone that it’s killing people in the UK — currently nearing 35,000 official figures, nearer 60,000 in terms of excess deaths to date.

    If they DID believe it, their “Freedom” protest would be a demand for freedom to get sick and infect others.

  30. Obviously Reply

    So the gathering turned out to be a red herring. Supirse suprise.

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