Plans for 700 homes on Brighton gasworks site

Posted On 01 Jul 2020 at 3:02 pm

Plans for up to 700 homes on the old gasworks site off Marine Parade have been unveiled.

Developer St William, a joint venture between National Grid and Berkeley Group, is currently consulting on the plans, which include blocks between four and 15 storeys, new public spaces, offices and small retail units.

The new homes would include affordable homes, although the number would depend on negotiations with Brighton and Hove City Council.

There would be paths through the site from the seafront to Whitehawk, and cars would be parked underground.

The consultation says: “Redevelopment of this site provides a significant opportunity to allow the site to be opened up and bring real benefits to the local areas.

“The complex nature of gasholder sites means high levels of cost and risk. Therefore it is important that we optimise the use of the land on the site so that it can be viably redeveloped to maximise community benefits.”

The two-hectare site at the junction of Marina Way and roedean Road currently contains two redundant gasholders and a number of low rise buildings.

A small area would be retained for SGN’s use, but St William is looking at incorporating land to the north and south of the site into its proposals too.

The gasholders were built in 1935 and 1946, but have not been used since gas started being stored underground in 2012.

However, the site still poses challenges, including live gas mains which can’t be built over, contamination and below ground obstructions, the precise location of some of which is unknown.

The next draft of the design will be based on feedback from this consultation, and another consultation will be held late in summer.

More tweaks will then be made to the plans before they are formally submitted to the council, which is currently scheduled for autumn or winter 2020.

Click here to see the full consultation and give your feedback.

  1. Bob Reply

    More dense high-rise then. The city is being transformed. It is more like Croydon every day. Look at Circus Street . The old places have been swept away . Ancient vistas are gone for ever and its overpoweringly dark and oppressive.

  2. Rolivan Reply

    Why are the Council not buying into plots of land like this.They have gone in with Hyde with very little progress in 4 years.
    I think residents in Roedean Rd might be disappointed to think they are part of Whitehawk.

  3. chris Reply

    all the flats on the corner of Wilson Ave and Roedean rd will lose any view of the sea and will lose a massive amount of light, traffic will increase in an already over burdened area. why do we need 15 storey high buildings when current building wisdom is to keep buildings low, this is about profit obviously but why allow it.

    • Alex McHugh Reply

      It’s expensive brown field land so additional costs must be recouped through high density

      • Valerie Reply

        Sadly the council is forced by central Govt to provide huge amounts of new housing and the hoards swelling the city population mean lack of enough housing is dire.

        Sites like this are a challenge because of prior use & known unknowns! But the site should be used for development though not necessarily for what is proposed. Yet another button-pushing resort to tower blocks to maximise profit is disappointing. Low-rise terraced housing? A senior citizen village? So many other choices! C’mon!

      • Carole Walker Reply

        Not at any cost. 15 stories is far, far too high. Even Marine Gate is only 8 stories and that was a pre-war hotel never intended to be a residential block, these drawings are not representative of the scale at all.

  4. Dean Reply

    This council is run by incompetent councillors and officers that have no clue!!! Brighton does NOT have the infrastructure for all these new homes. Our roads are already some of the most polluted in the country!!! We are not like other cities. Our roads are narrow and can not take the load as it is! Parking is a nightmare with visitors limited to x amount of visitor permits per year it’s a damn joke! We need a complete overhaul of this council and how and who makes decisions! Look at the i360 prime example of the incompetence!!

    • Tom Dussek Reply

      Will you be standing as a councillor then, Dean?

    • Carole Walker Reply

      Most of the traffic in our city is nothing to do with residential, it’s businesses and people passing through. The site does need redevelopment, and I would sooner homes than another supermarket, but 15 stories is far too high, everyone in the surrounding area will lose everything from their privacy to their satellite TV signals, to a more congested mobile network. I don’t think locals want the sound of 700 households all setting off to work in the morning either within an hour of each other.

      Those poor people in Arundel Road, 15 story blocks looking directly down into their kids bedrooms.

  5. James Reply

    Apart from ruining the view for some… with capacity for schools already at breaking point – will this include a new secondary (which has already been voted out in Elm Grove). GP surgeries – of which many closed for that area – will there be more created then? Let alone other services/parking (not that greens care)/ infrastructure. The marina flats were a resounding success afterall ….nearly all owned by foreign investors. Seems nothing is learned, or everything is completely crooked.

    • Bill Btn Reply

      Ruining the view?

      As opposed to hulking gasholders, and concrete you mean?

      Views are not a planning consideration.

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