TV signals interrupted while Whitehawk transmitter fixed

Posted On 14 Jul 2020 at 1:47 pm

Picture by Geoffrey Bowden

A giant crane is hovering over Whitehawk mast today while essential engineering works are carried out.

Some TV signals are interrupted while the work takes place.

Kemp Town resident Geoffrey Bowden took this picture, and reported that he is having difficulty receiving BBC and ITV channels, although others including Latest TV appear unaffected.

A spokeswoman for Arquiva, which maintains the mast, said: “I can confirm that there is planned engineering work being done at the Whitehawk Hill transmitter today.

“We anticipate that this will be completed fairly quickly.”

  1. Tony Smart Reply

    We are on London Road near Preston Park and lost all our signal at 10:00am it is now 2:00pm and still no signal. I understand they need to do work but why can they not at least let us know beforehand and we would not think it was our TV sets that had gone on the blink?

  2. Bob Reply

    To the previous comment.
    This is not planned work, so must be a failure. It is very unusual to use this sort of crane on an active transmitter. It must be an issue with the main cylinder, which will supply all of the national and regional multiplexes. The local multiplex is mounted lower down and appears unaffected.

    • ChrisC Reply

      Read the article. This IS planned work.

      “A spokeswoman for Arquiva, which maintains the mast, said: “I can confirm that there is planned engineering work being done at the Whitehawk Hill transmitter today.”

      And they really need to find a way to inform people in advance when there is planned work Heck B&H News and the Argos would publish anything.

      • Bob Reply

        To be fair, The article did not have that at the time, and stated they were waiting for a comment from Arquiva[sic](actually Arqiva).
        If you search enter your postcode in the freeview website it does not report it as having work due. If however you do a deeper search you can find out that it was scheduled work,

  3. Ros Reply

    Where is the notification? We (in Southwick) have been trying to adjust our set since 2pm. It is now 5 pm. Poor service.

  4. Mark Reply

    BBC Radio Sussex mentioned it in their local news bulletins

  5. Michael Buckner Reply

    “The local multiplex is mounted lower down”

    This explains why my reception on all multiplexes except “Multiplex 40” is good, but marginal/impossible on Multiplex 40.
    So reception on Latest TV and Ideal Extra is unreliable, which doesn’t bother me, because they’re cr*p.
    But reception is also unreliable on some good channels like Sony Channel & Sony Classic.

    • Tony Smart Reply


    • Bob Reply

      The local Mux is also 400W not 4000W and has a different radiation pattern, so depending on where you are it is likely to be worse. They do use a different modulation that will compensate slightly for the lack of power

  6. Paul Reply

    Services back up and running, appalling to lose services all day for PLANNED work… Why didn’t they bother trekking the city population?? Also yet another local story the useless Argus has missed…. What is its main Brighton story today? A building in Eastbourne has been sold & leased back by Waitrose (with no change whatsoever for the public!!)

  7. Tony Smart Reply

    7 Hours is not acceptable to have no TV signal. Arquiva should at least inform us that we would have no signal for such a long time which would have saved a lot of people the frustration of retuning their TVs.

  8. Angela Reply

    Still no signal at after 9pm and yet I see someone else is saying services back up and running. Is this likely to go on for the next few days?

    • Adam Reply

      How about do something creative and constructive instead of sitting infront of your tv during the day. You would all be moaning more if it failed all together and ran into days of no service.
      This sums up the nation of today, sat on there buts moaning about a service that “is there right” probably whilst moaning about there free government money won’t streach to a new car and 2 holidays a year.

  9. bradly Reply

    indeed, i lost my degree in fine tuning years ago and all the up-grading courses were full up with covid refugees

  10. Winston Reply

    People still don’t understand that you should NEVER retune when you lose signal until all other possibilities have been ruled out.

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