Madeira Drive set to reopen to one-way traffic

Posted On 21 Sep 2020 at 4:01 pm

Plans to reopen Madeira Drive to one-way traffic and install a new two-way cycle lane off the pavement have been put forward.

The proposals are part of a review of how covid transport schemes are working in the city set to be discussed by the city council’s Environment, Transport and Sustainability Committee next Tuesday.

The plans include:

  • Allow one-way access eastbound from the Palace Pier roundabout to Duke’s Mound
  • Provide a two-way protected cycle lane on the carriageway by removing parking on the south side of the road
  • Relocate the existing cycle lane, allowing for a wider promenade for pedestrians
  • Provide 13 additional parking bays for Blue Badge holders, ensuring there are twice as many bays as previously available.

Madeira Drive was closed to motor vehicles in April to give residents more space to exercise in the early stages of the Covid-19 lockdown.

In June, councillors agreed the closure should remain in place.

Chair of the ETS Committee Amy Heley said: “The nature of these urgent changes allows us to be flexible.

“We’ve listened to residents and businesses and this option means we can still offer protected cycle routes, safe space for pedestrians and vehicle access for those who still need it.

“Madeira Drive is an iconic part of the city and we want everyone to be able to enjoy it safely.”

The report also says there’s been a 61% increase in cyclists using the Old Shoreham Road cycle lanes compared to 2016, with an average of 545 a day using them now.

And there’s been a 21% increase in cyclists using the seafront cycle lane compared to 2019.

Councillor Heley added: “We’ve seen significant changes to the way people are travelling around Brighton & Hove, even as we’ve come out of lockdown. More of us are walking and cycling, there are fewer cars on our roads and there are still a lot of people working from home.

“In a short time, we’ve also seen the School Streets project supporting children back into the classroom, encouraging them and their parents and carers to walk, cycle or scoot to school.

“Covid-19 has not gone away and we’re seeing a rise in cases across the country.

“Active travel remains vitally important for helping people to move around our city safely and to support our economic recovery through this ongoing pandemic.”

  1. Fresh air Reply

    It just goes to show that when changes to temporary road designs are needed, they can be made if the political will is there. Making the roads safer for everybody is a great thing and to do it quickly is admirable.
    When we need more safe space for the increasing numbers of pedestrians and cyclists, put temporary measures in place right away and then alter them as soon as consultations show they’re needed.
    There’s no need to shilly-shally. Only the vulnerable will suffer.

  2. Sean Key Reply

    Just move the Old Shoreham Road one to the flatter, quieter Portland Road and put in some north-south links, and everyone would be happy, I think.

    • Steve Reply

      Exactly! The OSR is a horrible road to cycle down West of Hove Rec as it gives you the experience of a car driver on a congested dual carriageway. It’s hilly too unlike Portland Road. Also, a cycle lane on Portland Road facilitates access to shops etc whereas the OSR has very little on it for short cycling journeys.

  3. Rolivan Reply

    When and if the proposed changes are made at the Aquarium Roundabout it included traffic to exit Madeira Drive so has there been a change of mind or are they going to make even more changes along the way?
    Have there been changes to Marine Parade at the Dukes Mound exit to enable traffic to exit safely?

  4. Billy Reply

    It’s so stupid to make Madeira Drive one way.
    Re open it properly and reinstate the parking places.
    Pete West’s failed cycle lane at the western entrance has already shown us why the Palace Pier roundabout should remain as part of the Valley Gardens next phase.
    Keeping Madeira Drive as one way for traffic just increases journey distance and drive time, and therefore adds to city centre congestion and pollution.
    This is obvious.
    No benefits whatsoever.
    How can our councillors argue otherwise?
    There is still no sustainable long term plan for Madeira Drive – the businesses will struggle this winter and and the Terraces will continue to rot. .

  5. bradly23 Reply

    usual flannel: at least, the cllr. did not wheel in the climate change argument to justify the inept closure in April.

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