More student flats approved in Brighton

Posted On 13 Jan 2021 at 7:38 pm

Plans for more student flats in Lewes Road, Brighton, were approved by councillors, with a curfew on using a proposed roof terrace.

An artist’s impression of the Ravilious House student housing block planned for Lewes Road

The four-storey block, on the corner of Caledonian Road, is expected to include 60 student bedrooms and a ground floor shop or café.

The current Co-op building would be demolished and the store would move into vacant premises next door, councillors were told this afternoon (Wednesday 13 January).

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Conservative councillor Joe Miller raised concerns about parties on the roof and said that time limits had been imposed on the roof of nearby student flats at the Vogue Gyratory.

He suggested a 9pm to 7am curfew but Brighton and Hove City Council’s Planning Committee settled on 11pm – in line with nearby pubs.

Councillor Miller said: “We need to stop the proliferation of HMOs (houses in multiple occupation) which in turn has an impact on council tax.

“I support the scheme. I like the design. I would encourage (the owners of) other similar types of single-storey to two-storey buildings to look if they can do similar to help us meet our housing demands.”

Labour councillor Nick Childs also supported the scheme and asked whether the new building could include a plaque.

Councillor Childs wanted it to commemorate the 15 people who lost their lives during the Second World War when the site was bombed in 1943.

The Planning Committee supported his suggestion but it will be down to the developers – student housing specialist Alumno and FPC (Foundation Property and Capital). FPC is run by Stephen and Ben Lansman.

Stephen Lansman is the brother of Jon Lansman, the Labour activist who founded the Momentum political organisation, and Ben Lansman is Jon Lansman’s son.

Councillor Childs said: “There is a real demand for student houses and if we don’t provide appropriate accommodation for students in the city, it puts pressure on other areas of the housing market and pressure to create HMOs.”

The Lewes Road Co-op in Brighton

The scheme – currently named Ravilious House after the artist Eric Ravilious – would include communal rooms in the basement and house students from the Brighton Screen and Film School.

Six neighbours wrote to the council to object to the plans and a seventh had concerns about students living on the site but supported the redevelopment of the building.

Planning permission is conditional on the building including a minimum of 60 swift bricks – to help the migratory birds with nesting – and three bee bricks.

The developers are expected to pay the council a “community infrastructure levy” of almost £210,000.

  1. Claire Parkman Reply

    Once again the out of touch council are prioritising students over residents. I hope these flats remain empty so this useless bunch of local councillors end up earning nothing. Corruption and big money is ruining this city and if I could sell tomorrow I would.

    • ChrisC Reply

      This is a private development.

      Not sure how you think councillors will be earning from this?

  2. Stew Reply

    Can the £210k be spent on that shocking stretch of Lewes road outside the Co op. Massive space wastage with the pavements that are basically bin sheds. Outbound (east traffic) should be 1 bus lane and 1 traffic lane not 1 Lane, a flooded cycle lane, bins bins bins and bike skeletons. Hay, that would cut pollution as well. I’m all for student flats, gets them out of the houses.

  3. Marcus Reply

    Good news. Students bring in money. Much better than those banging on about handout/affordable housing. People who can’t afford Brighton should move perhaps

    • Joe Stains Reply

      Silly troll

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