Traveller vans can stay at Brighton site until coronavirus restrictions end

Travellers’ vans parked on council-owned land will not be moved on until the coronavirus lockdown restrictions are lifted.

Brighton and Hove City Council is taking legal action to remove vehicles from Black Road, in Madeira Drive, and move on van dwellers parked in East Brighton Park, in Wilson Avenue.

But the courts have imposed conditions preventing their removal while the country is in lockdown.

The legal moves were revealed when Green councillor Amy Heley responded to a written question from Independent councillor Bridget Fishleigh, who wanted to know if parking tickets had been issued.

In a written response, Councillor Heley said that parking tickets had been issued to the van dwellers in Madeira Drive and this had resulted in “very challenging behaviour” from those parked there.

Councillor Heley, who chairs the Environment, Transport and Sustainability Committee, said that the council felt that it was not safe for enforcement officers to attend again unless accompanied by police.

She said: “Over the course of the lockdown, people have been offered accommodation – no one has taken up that offer – and there have been regular visits where health and welfare checks have been made.

“All occupants of the vehicles have been told that they can be accommodated if they would like accommodation.”

The council will wait for government guidance on what it can do once restrictions are lifted.

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