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Posted On 24 Sep 2021 at 2:54 pm

Cabbage live at The Haunt, Brighton 03.05.19 (pics Andy Murphy)

It’s now exactly two months until post punk rock band Cabbage grace the Patterns stage here in Brighton. There are still some tickets available at time of going to press as they say! You can purchase your tickets HERE.

The event was scheduled to happen on 28th May this year but you know what had a massive effect on the music industry in town and around the country and had to be put back.

Cabbage are Lee Broadbent (vocals), Joe Martin (Guitar/vocals), Eoghan Clifford (guitar), Asa Morley (drums), Stephen Evans (bass guitar) and the band formed in 2015 in Mossley in Tameside.

German Doner Kebab

Their latest album ‘Amanita Pantherina’ was released a year ago but thankfully is still available on limited edition paint splattered vinyl, as well as on CD and signed bundles are available from their official store HERE.

The latest Cabbage album ‘Amanita Pantherina’

The ‘Amanita Pantherina’ album is the quintets third long player outing following on from ‘Young, Dumb And Full Of…’ (January 2017) and ‘Nihilistic Glamour Shots’ (March 2018).

They last played live in Brighton on 3rd May 2019, when they took The Haunt (now CHALK) by storm. The Brighton & Hove News Music Team were in attendance at the time and some of that report of a mighty fine night read as thus:

Cabbage live at The Haunt, Brighton 03.05.19 (pics Andy Murphy)

“Suddenly it became a great start to the set as they blasted out my favourite track ‘Uber Capitalist Death Trade’ where Lee’s vocals are at their best and the energy throughout the band is taken to the highest level possible. This was quickly followed by ‘Fickle’ the second track from the ‘UCDT’ EP, and we were in full flow, as was the alcohol for the young females in the mosh pit which was seemingly giving them mosh pit superpowers as they took on all-comers. I was the recipient of a free drink from one of them as a shot of Pernod, a drink that I don’t have fond memories of having been violently ill some 37 years ago and never recovering from the trauma, was spilt on me resulting in rather sticky arms and an aniseed stench that I never wanted to smell again in my lifetime. Thankfully the set continued at a frenetic rate to distract me from my private hell”.

“The set was finished off in true Cabbage style with two of their live show classics, their first single ‘Kevin’ and the wonderful ‘Necroflat In The Palace.’ The whole crowd sang along with passion, verve and anger to the lyric “I was born in the NHS, I wanna die in the NHS.” This was crowned with some topless crowd surfing from Joe”.

Patterns will host the Cabbage concert (pic Nick Linazasoro)

As previously stated, Cabbage play Patterns on 24th November. Grab your tickets HERE.


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