Union hails official end of bin strike in Brighton and Hove

Posted On 20 Oct 2021 at 7:25 pm

The GMB union thanked the public as it declared the bin strike officially over today (Wednesday 20 October).

The union, which represents the bin lorry drivers, said that they had had “amazing public support despite the inconvenience”.

It also said that many more low-paid staff at Brighton and Hove City Council would receive a rise as a result of the high-profile dispute.

The drivers picketed Cityclean’s Hollingdean depot, where the council’s rubbish and recycling service is based. Meanwhile, mounds of rubbish brought unwanted national attention.

The GMB said that the Brighton and Hove bin strike was officially at an end after councillors ratified the improved pay deal.

The union said: “GMB members had already voted to accept the deal, which will increase pay and end unilateral round changes as well as improving pay of council workers across the city.

“The council’s Policy and Resources Committee has now followed suit.

“Refuse collectors in Brighton and Hove had taken 13 days of strike action. Thirty more days – due to begin tomorrow (Thursday 21 October) will now be cancelled.”

GMB regional organiser Gary Palmer said: “The council has now ratified the written commitment to increase pay and end unilateral round changes.

“We are very proud of GMB members for standing up for themselves to win their own respect and fair treatment.

“They have also had amazing public support despite the inconvenience the people of Brighton and Hove have had to put up with.

“We will also see all lowest-paid council staff – predominantly women workers – across the city get a pay rise as a consequence of this GMB Cityclean campaign.

“GMB union has delivered for working people.”

  1. Robert Pattinson Reply

    We have a massive storm arriving tonight 20th i dread to see the state of our streets tomorrow when the rubbish has blown all over the place.

  2. Rostrum Reply

    “amazing public support despite the inconvenience”

    Not from anyone I’ve spoken to.
    Most of us think they’re a bunch of donkeys being led by hard left union nut-jobs hand-in-hand with the cities liebore corbinistas..

    • Tom H Reply

      I’ve not seen much evidence of this overwhelming support either. In fact I would hope the GMB privately recognises how much they misjudged the lack of public support and how easily they were let out by being fortunate enough to come up against an opposition with negative skill when it comes to negotiating.

      I’ve also found it frustrating that from the outset neither the council or the GMB would be open about the precise details of what the issue was or what the subsequent settlement/deal is.

  3. Ben Reply

    okay – so when will the bins be collected?

  4. Anony Reply

    And what about all the rubbish left on the ground surrounding the bins!?? No point in just emptying the bins!

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