Man sent to prison for two weeks for calling magistrate a ‘bald c***’

Posted On 11 Nov 2021 at 2:55 pm

Brighton Magistrates’ Court

A Hove man landed himself with a two-week spell in jail after calling a magistrate a “bald c***”.

Max Kramer was in the dock at Brighton Magistrates Court last week charged with failing to comply with probation after coming out of prison.

But he hurled abuse at both the bench and an officer of the court, calling the officer a “lesbian dyke”, and kicked the glass in the dock.

When asked to apologise, he refused – and said the court should apologise to him.

Chair of the bench Mark Durrell told him he was being sent to prison for two weeks because his contempt of court was “severe and nasty and directed at an officer of the court doing their job, and to the bench.

“It was unwarranted and unacceptable. You were given ample chance to reflect and apologise, but you repeated some of the insults before calming down.”

Kramer, 30, of Harmsworth Crescent in Hangleton, is back in court tomorrow to face the same charge again.

The charge says he was rude and abusive to his supervisor on four occasions in July and October this year, failed to report as instructed on three occasions in August and September and failed to reside at his approved address by causing himself to be evicted and then failing to provide a current address.

He has been remanded in custody in the meantime.

In February this year, he was jailed for 18 weeks for assaulting two police officers in Bognor.

  1. bradly23 Reply

    his contempt of course deserved somethink

    • Chris Reply

      I wonder what sort of “course” he was comtemptuous of – a golf course, a racecourse, a watercourse,a university course, we need to know.

  2. Catherine Reply

    Shame he is so angry. A cold water swim would fix this!

  3. Greens Out Reply

    He sounds a nice chap

  4. Julian Hughes Reply

    I am a bald c*** but the other day when someone wanted to insult me they called me a fat ba***rd. Also true.

    • timbo Reply

      me too, haha

  5. Hove Guy Reply

    A “lesbian dyke”? Is there any other kind?

    • MikeyA Reply


    • Greens Out Reply

      Dick Van?

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