Hollingdean residents reject parking controls

Posted On 23 Sep 2022 at 2:09 pm

The size of a proposed parking scheme in Hollingdean has been shrunk after more than half of the area voted against bringing in controls.

Residents were asked whether they supported a range of options, including light touch, full controls or no scheme, during a consultation in April and May.

Thirty-eight roads out of 66 said they wanted no controls – and so a new, smaller zone is now being designed by Brighton and Hove City Council.

But those roads which voted against will be asked again in case they change their mind when faced with the possiblity of a knock-on effect from a new zone.

On Tuesday, the council’s Environment, Transport and Sustainability committee agreed to proceed to the next stage of producing a detailed design for the smaller area.

They also approved progressing proposals for parking schemes across Roedean, Hallyburton Road, Withdean Road and Top Triangle Areas.

A council spokesperson said: “The decision to consult on more detailed plans for a new controlled parking scheme in Hollingdean follows extensive consultation with residents and businesses in the area.

“Based on the results of the consultation we will be looking at a smaller area than was originally envisaged. The proposed scheme would operate Monday to Sunday from 9am to 8pm.

“With previous resident parking schemes there has sometimes been a ‘knock-on’ effect on the immediate surrounding area.

“With this in mind we will also be writing to residents outside of the proposed scheme in the wider Hollingdean area.

“We want to make sure they are aware of the possible implications of not being included in a resident parking scheme before making any final decisions.

“Following that, the next stage is a more detailed consultation to residents which would go to the Environment, Transport and Sustainability committee to decide whether to go to a further legal stage of consultation advertising a Traffic Regulation Order.”

The public consultation in Hollingdean, which took place between April 2022 and May 2022, sent 3,585 properties a questionnaire and 1,053 responses were received.

The committee also accepted other recommendations as well as an amendment by Hanover and Elm Grove Councillor Elaine Hills to remove Carlyle Street from proposals.

Roads still included in the Hollingdean parking proposals:
Adams Close
Barnett Road
Davey Drive
Dudley Road
Dunster Close
Freehold Terrace
Harrington Place
Hertford Road
Hollingbury Crescent
Hollingbury Place
Hollingbury Rise
Hollingbury Rise West
Hollingdean Road
Hollingdean Terrace
Horton Road
Major Close
Payne Terrace
Quarry Bank Road
Roedale Road
Stanmer Park Road
Stanmer Villas
The Crossway
The Linkway
Tintern Close
Upper Hollingdean Road
Waverley Crescent
Wigmore Close

Roads removed from parking plans after consultation:
Barrow Close
Barrow Hill
Beal Crescent
Brentwood Close
Brentwood Crescent
Brentwood Road
Burstead Close
Crespin Way
Florence Place
Fountains Close
Golf Drive
Hinton Close
Hollingbury Road
Hollingdean Lane
Isfield Road
Lambourne Close
Lambourne Road
Lewes Road
Liphook Close
Lynchet Close
Lynchet Down
Lynchet Walk
Melrose Close
Oldbury Row
Peace Close
Popes Folly
Romsey Close
Salehurst Close
Shenfield Way
Stephens Road
Tavistock Down
The Crestway
Thompson Road
Tintern Close
Uplands Road
Wolverstone Drive

  1. Hollingdean Parking Reply

    This seems very a very biased take on the situation. There is no existing zone to have been ‘shrunk down’; there’s been a consultation in Hollingdean, and those roads who voted (very strongly for the most part) in favour of parking restrictions are now been drawn into a new zone.

    The title doesn’t make sense, and some aspects of the article are factually inaccurate. For example, according to the report, 52.6% of all Hollingdean respondents voted in favour of a scheme. Not – as this article suggests – ‘less than half’. Actually quite the opposite…

  2. Chris Reply

    I just paid over £300 for a zone H parking permit. The same permit in Kingston (Surrey) is £92. You have been warned. This council should be rich but it still fleeces it’s captive customers. They are not for you!

  3. Joe Reply

    Article is wrong. Over 52% of Hollingdean residents voted in favour of a scheme. The council is therefore designing and implementing a zone for those residents:

  4. Ben Reply

    Has the author read the report? This article isn’t at all accurate..

  5. sd Reply

    How confusing. Is parking particularly difficult in these areas?

    • Parking Zones Reply

      > How confusing. Is parking particularly difficult in these areas?
      It’s part of the council game. This is just the next area to be hit. Currently it will have extra parking from the vans, second cars, and workers who were pushed out of the last Parking Zone expansion.

      Coombe Road area used to be rammed with city worker’s cars and other work vans. Now it is comically empty.

      The ultimate aim is to charge everyone for parking outside their houses. If you can’t afford a posh house with a drive you get a large bill.

    • Jim Reply

      You don’t want it, we will ask you again in 6 months and hope you forget to vote. Lol

      I will put money on this consolation asking all residents views rather than just the people affected, i.e the car owners.

      Equally anyone who voted in favour of this, good effort, you have just voted for a tax increase of £300. I have lived in 2 areas when these schemes get implemented, basically you loose half the parking, can no longer find a space after 5pm anywhere near where you live which forces you to get parking tickets by parking on double yellows ect ect ect.

      Simple hack if you have the money, you build a drive way. If you are poor, you get stiffed by the greens lol.

  6. Adam Reply

    Green strategy that relies on asking again and again and again until people get bored of answering the same question apart from the green gammons. They can then claim they have consulted. The greens are a scam.

  7. Technique Reply

    Yes, the Greens appear to be using the same tactics as Nicola Sturgeon; keep asking the same question until you get the answer you want…

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