Travellers ordered off Brighton air ambulance landing site

Travellers are leaving East Brighton Park where air ambulances land when they bring patients to Accident and Emergency (A&E) at the Royal Sussex County Hospital.

They were ordered off the land after twice being asked to make space for helicopters to land this afternoon (Wednesday 9 April).

One of the patients was a 69-year-old woman who was thrown from her horse in High Hurstwood, between Uckfield and Crowborough, at about noon.

She reached the Royal Sussex by 1pm after the Kent, Surrey and Sussex Air Ambulance was called into action.

Sussex Police said: “Police were informed of travellers at East Brighton Park, off Wilson Avenue, Brighton, on Wednesday (9 April) at around midday.

“Two helicopters needed to land at the park for medical emergencies and the travellers moved immediately to allow them to land.

“They have now been served with a notice under section 61 of the Public Order Act requiring the travellers to leave.

“They are now in the process of leaving.”

Brighton and Hove City Council issued a statement earlier about an “unauthorised encampment of travellers at East Brighton Park”.

It said: “We have visited this site with the police and we are currently undertaking a community impact assessment to determine the most appropriate course of action.”

The council also issued an update about the unauthorised encampment of travellers at Stanmer Park, saying: “An eviction was due to take place on Wednesday 9 April. The group left the site voluntarily.”

There is still an unauthorised camp on land off Lynchet Close in Hollingdean.

The council said: “A group of travellers remain encamped on land adjacent to Lynchet Close.

“We have visited this site with the police.

“A possession hearing for this land will take place in the county court on Tuesday 22 April.

“Once we have obtained a possession order, we will carry out an eviction as soon as is practicable.”

5 comments to Travellers ordered off Brighton air ambulance landing site

  • pachallis

    This is getting stupid. It is about time the council, and their team of spineless traveler liaison managers stopped fannying around and dealt with these travelers firmly.

    WTF is a ‘Community Impact Assessment’?

    Does someone have to die before they will do anything?

    Everytime the travelers move onto an illegal site the council goes through the process of raising a possession order to get them off the land – in this case it seems 2 weeks later!

    Why can’t this be speeded up to 1 day? Why can’t we have a city wide possession order in place for all public land and send them on their way?

  • Caeos

    There are 2 caravans at wild park. That’s what happened last time before the 20+ turned up

  • ian killmister

    If I put up tent in someone’s garden , I would be nicked ! Are the POLICE and COUNCIL SO powerless to reclaim our parks and fields ? All these messings around year after year after year at local spots are a waste of time and energy and resources . There is already a designated place for them so WHY all the nonsense ? INSTANT REMOVAL . I parked on a double yellow the other day DISPLAYING a disabled badge while I picked up the missis and GOT A TICKET IN TWO minutes ! They should send the parking wardens up the illegal sites !!! NONSENSICAL WASTE of money . THAT is why everyone is fed up . not with the travellers BUT BHCC’s INABILITY to DEAL with them swiftly and the costs . It is a game , isn’t it ? luv lemme

  • Uncle Ruckus

    According to the wretched and incompetent Green council, these people are vulnerable and need protection as they are a minority group.

    If you vote Green, this is what you get…

  • ian killmister

    Happy to say I didn’t vote green , Uncle R .

    Thing is , nowadays the GREENS are vulnerable , need protection and are a minority group too !

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